Kissing Joan Collins

Title: Kissing Joan Collins
Author: Lex Valentine
Cover Artist: Winterheart Design
Publisher: MLR Press
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: novella/66 PDF pages/21K words
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

 Review Summary: An enticing, fun and thoroughly delightful romance that will make you fall in love with the characters.


Gay suspense author Logan Moore fell in love with the most perfect gay man ever during his freshman year in college. But his roommate and best friend Chase Courtland never showed an interest in him. Twelve years and a handful of failed relationships later, Logan acknowledges that he still loves Chase. When Chase puts on a designer dress, four-inch heels and a wig and transforms himself into Joan Collins for a Valentine’s Day masquerade party, Logan’s libido rockets out of control. One look at Chase’s perfect ass in the skin tight dress and Logan is ready to drag him off to bed. But can two best friends bridge the gap of a dozen years of denial and build a life together after one amazing night of revelations, confessions and love?


Every time I read a new book by Lex Valentine I fall more in love with her writing, which is something that doesn’t happen often for me with any author, mainstream or M/M. I think I have reviewed all of her M/M books on this site and that’s because she’s cunning and sneaky and sends them to me, knowing full well that I can’t resist. 🙂 Kissing Joan Collins is an emotional romance that you probably won’t be able to resist either, after you read my review.

Logan was soured on Valentine’s Day because that was the day his ex Marc had dumped him 2 years ago, stole his furniture and all the money in their joint bank account. He found out later that the scumbag also cheated on him with a gay soap star whenever he went to L.A. to audition for acting roles. Just before Valentine’s, while out for lunch his brother Jeremy informed him that his best friend Chase had been trying to contact him to tell him he was coming back to San Diego for two weeks and would be staying at his place. Logan was apprehensive about the visit because he had crushed on Chase since they roomed together in college and he didn’t know if he would be able to hide his feelings during his stay, but he was also deliriously happy to be with the man he loved.

To Chase, Logan had always been his one and only but he never told his friend who was too dense to notice. Logan had also never told Chase about his feelings because he felt Chase was out of his league so he protected himself by having affairs with other men. Chase kept being disappointed by Logan who moved from one bad relationship to another with men who could never love him like he did. He became so frustrated with Logan’s pattern of dating cheaters and losers over the years that when he was offered a promotion in Vegas he moved there because it seemed that Logan would never see him as the love of his life. However, after a year away from Logan Chase couldn’t bear it so he decided to come back and pull out all the stops on a last ditch effort to win him. He was determined to do whatever it took to make that happen, even if it meant stepping out of his comfort zone, and he was aided and abetted in his campaign to win his man by Logan’s sister Julia who threw a Valentine’s Day Masquerade party to help move the romance along.

Chase decided that they would go as a couple from the old TV series Dynasty – Joan Collins channeling Alexis Carrington and John Forsythe as her escort. When Logan saw Chase in full regalia he couldn’t get over how sexy he looked in a dress and he knew there was no going back. Chase laid claim to Logan at the party and everyone knew that they were both off the market.. As if the evening weren’t magical enough, when they went home there was a wonderful surprise waiting for Logan which made him realize how very much Chase loved him and meant to keep him.

Kissing Joan Collins was a true romance with two characters who were so into each other it was as if the outside world didn’t exist. It had taken Chase so long to win his man that he wasn’t about to let Logan go and they were both committed to working out any issues that would stand in the way of their happiness.

The love was evocative, incredibly passionate and so tender at times that I became emotional, and it  takes a lot for that to happen. The characters laid their feelings bare that night with nothing held back – the good, the bad and the ugly. As expected, the sex was explosive after 12 years as they burst into flames because they couldn’t contain their lust for each other, but what moved me was the caring – this wasn’t just sex, it was making love. The emotions between Logan and Chase were palpable and felt real and the love between them, while bright and shiny, was like something tangible that had stood the test of time. This author has the ability to make me live in her characters’ world, experiencing their feelings, highs and lows, and their absolute trust in each other came through loud and clear. I love her prose and here’s one example

The kiss held a tenderness Logan had never known before, a sweet, innocent wash of crystal clear emotion, adoration at its ultimate peak. Chase’s mouth revered his, the kiss filled with a wealth of love, devotion and commitment.

Kissing Joan Collins was funny as well, with some great lines, and I loved this one which showed how possessive Chase was of Logan: “If you were a tree I would have peed on you.” 🙂 Logan’s foul mouthed, formidable, kick-ass sister Julia rocked – she was a breath of fresh air, and she took no prisoners. I have always admired the female characters in this author’s books because they are strong, opinionated women without being bitches, which is a skill that not a lot of authors can emulate.

What I look for in any book especially a romance is believability and Lex Valentine delivered. The characters were so well drawn I had no difficulty imagining them as real people.

Now I’m off to re-read Kissing Joan Collins.

Highly recommended.



  • Hey Wave, I wished it was longer and more in depth, but for what it was I really enjoyed it. What I really really loved though was the writing, such bold and beatiful strokes. The story takes the turning point in the relationship (whatever relationship those two were having for twelve years anyway :)) and makes the best of it. It was fun and I would SO buy long work from this author. Characters definitely came alive for me.

    • Well it was only supposed to be a Valentine’s Day story but it far exceeded my expectations. I absolutely loved the characterizations and I hope that Lex will bring them back in another, longer book so that I can meet them again. Her characters always rock even the minor ones – she’s a terrific writer.

      • Completely agree with you :), as Valentine’s story it exceeded my expectations too and I would love to see those characters in the longer work.

  • I loved the review, I checked the sample and going to get the book right now, sounds like very fun story, but may I also say that I liked the cover better than the rest of MLR valentine books? So kudos to the book for that already lol, because the rest of them just look ugly to me :(. I would never buy that it is hard to find some generic simple cover rather than putting on that ugly angel. Thanks for the review and again sorry for the rant 🙂

    • Sirius
      I hope you like the book – as you can tell I really did.

      This cover was designed by the author and her daughter – Lex is multi talented. She also designs covers for other publishers.

      • I think that she should have designed the cover for other Valentine books from this publisher then :), I do like it. Will let you know how I liked the book.

        • Thanks, Sirius! I do have other covers I’ve done for MLR. I do S.J. Frost’s covers and one (Black Heart Down) is nominated for an Ariana award this year. I won an Ariana last year for a cover I did for Pink Petal Books. I’ve done covers for M/M authors Josh Lanyon, Kaje Harper, James Buchanan, Ethan Day, Z.A. Maxfield, Anna Lee, AC Katt, Karenna Colcroft, Jaime Samms, Cari Z, Cherie Noel, Elizabeth Lister, Liz Strange, Derek Adams, Jade Buchanan, AKM Miles, Stevie Woods, Lloyd Meeker, and M. King. You can see my other work at Hope you like Kissing Joan Collins as much as the cover!

  • Wave, Wave…. I just spent my wad at the FW sale!!!!! I think I’m DONE and then you go and write a brilliant review about a shiney gem of a story! LOL

    Yes, I’ll go buy this one too, AND Wingmen (when it comes out). I’ll save this one for when I need a pick-me after a fast paced week.

    Thanks to both you and Lex!

    • Hi Reggie
      I’m very sorry to make you spend even more money. Sven loved Kissing Joan Collins as well and he recommends it too. :)I’ve already read it 3 times. :blush:

  • You know, this is my first Valentine’s story ever and you’d think it wouldn’t be with a pen name like mine. LOL And the funny thing is that this plot was originally HET. But it wouldn’t write itself as het. I’m actually at Vanessa Kelly’s blog on the 15th talking about how these two men wouldn’t let me write this story as het.

    Thanks so much, Wave. I love it when you get my characters. These two were fun and touched me and the twins Jeremy and Julia were painted really brightly in my mind as the foils for Chase and Logan.

    I really appreciate the time you take to read and review my work. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lex

      You’re very welcome. It’s not many authors who get me to drop everything and review their books. I did the same thing for your Christmas novella Cupid Christmas.

      I’m so happy that some of your male characters are rebelling and demanding that you write stories for them. 😆 You’ve known for a while how much I wish you would write more M/M stories. Even though the audience is smaller we’re very loyal and always buy books by our favourite authors. hint 🙂

      I love Julia – she’s one feisty broad. As for Jeremy I’m hoping that he’ll get his own M/M story rather than running after all those women, and this way both Sven and I will get to see Chase and Logan again.

    • Hi Sven
      Please come back and let me know if you enjoyed Kissing Joan Collins as much as I did. I love feedback even when someone kicks my ass. 😆

      • I didn’t just enjoy it, I loved it! I am willing to testify, that the review is spot on.
        The only real critique in my opinion is, that the story is too short. I like long books, leaving Chase and Logan so soon… I’ll get over it.
        And I’ll have to look for more books from Lex Valentine, I like her style and her way with words.

        Thank you for the review, as I otherwise would never have bought the book, as it is so short.

        Oh and thank you for this site and all the work you and the others put into it!

        P.S.: Sorry for not kicking your ass 😉

        • Hi Sven
          I know it’s too short but it’s better than being too long and boring.

          Lex writes a lot of het romances which I don’t read but if you like paranormals I think her best story is Fire Season which I reviewed almost 3 years ago and here’s the link to the review. BTW FS is also a novella but it’s longer:

          We have to do something about that kicking ass thing. :blush:

          Thank you for the nice words about the site. Everyone works very hard.

          • I am not very fond of paranormals, but I believe a good story makes me forget any “unusual surroundings” and take them for granted.
            So I bought the book and will read it, as soon as my tea is ready…

            We really do have to do something about the kicking! I suggest a verb substitution, but I’ll leave the details to your imagination 😉

            This site is very well kept, from experience I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into it, so any thanks is heartfelt.

          • My thanks go to you entirely for writing the story!

            It is so hard to find stories with likable characters, that sweep you away from the here and now to the there and then and leave you begging for more, once they are over.

            So my thanks go to you. and now on to Fire Season…

            • Sven
              I hope you like Fire Season. I would be really interested in your opinion of this book after you have read it. She’s writing a sequel but unfortunately I won’t be reviewing it because it will be a menage with a female. My heart is broken! 🙁

              • Actually, it’s not a menage. But there is a parallel het story within it. Besides Fire Season there’s Sunstroked and Breathe Me In which Wave has reviewed and I believe MLR Press will be putting out Afterburner (from the Honorable Silence anthology) and Rousing Caine (from the Love Me Dead anthology) as ebooks soon. I’m planning a third and final story for the pilots of Afterburner and Breath of Heaven. Inversion may just make it out in time for MLR’s Father’s Day releases and then into a print book with all three of their stories together. I also have the free read Finding Your Heart II and there’s Where There’s Smoke-The Phoenix Prophecy Book 3 which is stand alone. It has a scene in the beginning where the hero is in bed with the phoenix (a woman) and they’re arguing and breaking up. Other than that it’s all M/M. I also have a M/M story (not really a love story but a dark tale) called In the Light in the Wishing on a Blue Star anthology from Dreamspinner. It’s free for the ebook. And there is more M/M coming from me soon…Encounters: Magic Lessons at Pink Petal Books for one. For those who don’t mind menage, Runaways is being re-released by Ellora’s Cave, expanded to novella length and is a M/M/F paranormal.

                I try to keep a balance to what I release, but a lot of it depends on what I have time for because I have a demanding time-intensive EDJ and hubs (who is hot, very hot so must keep him happy.) I don’t have much time to write and literally no promo time which is why when I have something M/M, I slip it to Wave cause otherwise it gets no promo.

                Oh, and I do write M/M for free at along with 6 other M/M authors including my lunch buddy ZAM.

              • Hi Wave,

                it was a terrible book, kept me awake half the night 😉

                To use a few choice words: I loved it!

                I added a comment to the review of my new all-time favourite romance.

                Lex, my sincerest gratitude for writing that book, you will never know, how much it touched my heart!

                • I did see your comment Sven and I responded. Sorry to keep you awake. Next time I’ll recommend some really awful books so that they can put you to sleep. 🙂
                  Lex should pay me for promoting her books. 😆

                  • I should. I just need to sell more first. LOL Seriously, reading all the comments here has really made my Valentine’s Day special and touched me in a good place! Thank you, thank you!


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