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  • Dang, I’ve been away and missed out. My choices are all gone (15, 11, 1), and I haven’t gone through them all to see who’s left. Figure we’re already Sunday and I’ll be off again, it wouldn’t be fair to them. Oh well, hopefully next week will be calmer!

  • LOL Wave, thanks.

    BTW, there is great pleasure in slowly getting someone naked. Specially someone that gorgeous.

    Speaking of pretty men, have you guys heard of Kostas Martakis? A real Greek god! The first time I saw a picture of him, I thought it was a drawing, nobody can be that beautiful, but I was wrong, he’s real.

    • I know what you mean about s-l-o-w-l-y getting someone nekkid. 😀

      I did post a couple of pictures of Kostas over a year ago but I’ll do so again since you like him so much.

      • Thank you. I just discovered him, so I have Kostas fever right now.

        When you get the time, please check out these names, because they might be Friday guys material: William Levy, Jeancarlos Canela, Nacho Figueras, Mario Cimarro, Sebastián Rulli, Eduardo Verástegui and Juan Soler.

    • I did steal him from your site and I told you so. 😆 I have to go far and wide to satisfy the hunger of the people who check out the Friday Guys. 😀


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