Readers’ Favourite Gay Books 2012 – Update

In September 2009 I posted my Favourite Gay Books and solicited reader input in order to come up with a combined list. Subsequently I published the Readers’ Favourite Gay Books which incorporated your recommendations with my original list and apparently everyone loves the new list, going by the number of hits.  It has become a handy reference for gay books for most of you especially those readers new to the genre.

The list has been updated twice since the first time it was published and I have been avoiding the job of another update because I knew it would be a horrendous task to incorporate your new favourite books, however I can’t procrastinate any longer and this update has to be done. Therefore, for the next 2 weeks I would appreciate it if you could submit the names of five of your favourite gay books in the comments on this post under the following categories for inclusion in the updated list.

The Classics – for this purpose books released 15 years ago i.e. 1997 or earlier
Current– recent releases should be categorized as follows

S=Speculative Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy/
SF – Science Fiction
SP – Steampunk
Social History=SH

For ease of reference all paranormal books are listed as speculative fiction so please ensure you use this designation when you submit your favourite paranormal books. If you don’t follow the above categories we won’t be able to include your recommendations.

Since this is a male/male list, only gay books should be submitted but before you do PLEASE check the current list to ensure you’re not adding a book that’s already there, and follow the categories as this will make it a lot easier on the person who will have the actual job of adding to the master list.

Since I know that many of you read a lot I would ask that you use some restraint and only include your top 5 books so that there will be a wide range of books from all M/M readers, not just those of you who read 200+ books a year. I know this will be hard but I have every confidence that you can do it and you will probably find that other readers will submit some of your favourites. This is not a Top 50 or Top 100 or whatever, it’s supposed to be your favourite books and currently the list stands at over 400. I’m sure that by the time it’s updated we’ll be close to 1,000. If you’re an author please don’t recommend your own books even though it’s tempting to do so. 🙂 I’m sure your fans will include your books. If you notice that someone else has already recommended one of your favourites you can either choose another book or stick with your original recs. It’s up to you.

Now here is the kicker. Wren Boudreau who did a fantastic job compiling this list in the past is unable to do so this time around because she’s working on another important project, so I’m looking for a volunteer who can take up where Wren left off. If you’re interested and have the time to undertake this project please email me.

I will be closing this post on Friday, April 6 so please ensure you submit your recommendations before then.


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  • If I didn’t space out too much with data entry on my “master” spreadsheet, these personal favorites have not been listed:

    Coyote’s Creed by Vaughn R. Demont (S)
    Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford (M)
    Outcast Mine by Jamie Craig (S)
    Scrap Metal by Harper Fox (C)

    If anyone is still deciding, these worthies don’t seem to be on the lists:
    Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan (C)
    Fly Up Into the Night Sky by John Houser (S)
    The Dickens With Love by Josh Lanyon (C)

    If you want to consider rounding out series, add:
    Blood and Tears | Ethan Stone (M) (Flesh series: In the Flesh, Flesh and Bones)

  • 1. That’s What Brothers Do by Derekica Snake (c)
    2. Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela by Felicia Watson (c)
    3. Second You Sin by Scott Sherman (m)
    4. Like Pizza and Beer by Elle Parker (c)
    5. Broken by Dawn Kimberly Johnson (c)

  • Hi Everyone,

    A few thoughts & suggestions on this:

    I decided to create an Excel spreadsheet from the 2010 list, then add these, then make my own picks after I’d collated the lists to avoid duplication. The result is a cool tool for my reading explorations, since I can sort by categories to search for my reading interests. Anyway, I started this before I noticed that Wave is looking for someone to help substitute for Wren’s role in organizing the list. So my project is of use please let me know, Wave.

    My suggestions:: To make this job easier for whoever is doing it, scroll up to the top of this post to Josie’s and Val’s lists (there are some others like this also), and copy their format.

    The Heart of Texas by RJ Scott (C)
    Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown (C)

    Then whoever is doing the compilation only needs to cut and paste. It will save someone a lot of work!

  • I’m glad so many of my favorites are already on the list – it lets me add these.

    1- Rag and Bone by Michael Nava (M) – the last of a series. The rest are more mystery than romance, but this one is both and I think stands alone
    2- Infected series by Andrea Speed (#2 – Bloodlines if I have to choose one book) (S)
    3- The Violet and the Tom by Eve Octillo (S)
    4- Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (C)
    5- If It Ain’t Love by Tamara Allen (H)

  • Sirius named 3 out of the 5 I was going to list and I also saw Faster than the Speed of Light, Aisling, and Secret Light (right above me!) listed, so I get to name others, yay:

    1. Marathon Cowboys by Sarah Black (C)
    2. Buddha on the Road by Jeff Pearce (C)
    3. Basic Training by Marquesete (C)
    4. Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander (M)
    5. Diversion by Eden Winters (M)

    I just want to say that this list is how I stumbled up on this site to begin with, and I relied on it heavily when I was starting to read m/m – thanks!


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