GayRomLit Retreat 2012 in Albuquerque

Howdy Guys & Gals!

I’m here today to give you an update on all the fun, fun, fun, we have planned for ABQ this coming October. So don’t let your daddy take your T-Bird away, damn it…you just might need it. Hell, bring your daddy along if you have to…I’ll do my best to keep him entertained. 😀

After the amazing experience we had in New Orleans and the overall success of that inaugural event, the other organizers and I had only one goal in mind with regard to our Sophomore year. It had to be Bigger, Badder, & Totally Uncut! (Okay so that’s three goals, but we all know I’m greedy & were I to be perfectly honest we’re happy to take you, circumcised or not – though I hear hoodies are in right now.) 😆

Let me start with the good news, while it is true we have a cut-off at 400 attendees this year, we do still have open spots for anyone wanting to come and participate as an attendee. Registration will remain open until we hit 400 or on June 30th, (the date we’ll need to have our final numbers ready for catering and final billing purposes). After that, anyone still wanting to register may do so on a waiting list basis, which means someone will have to drop out before you’ll be official.

General or Reader Registration Fees are as follows: $121.05 + $3.95 (RegOnline fee) = $125.00. (You should expect to pay an additional $6 credit card processing fee charged by the website.)

What does all that get you? Three Breakfasts, Two Lunches, a whole lotta appetizers and snacks, some cocktails thrown in for good measure, and while we do not include the fun, per se, we do require that you bring some with you. 🙂 In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet with your favorite authors, publishers, and online friends from your M/M family the world over, all while staying in the beautiful Hard Rock Hotel & Casino!

Our author spots have been filled! We hadn’t really intended on capping that, but we never expected so many authors would want to come and realistically speaking, there were only so many seats we could provide for the book signing. We do currently have right around 140 registered authors planning to attend – way too many to list here. However you can pop over the GayRomLit website and read the full list of names which includes links to all their websites! GRL 2012 Authors

One of the greatest compliments we received upon opening up registration for ABQ, was having all the publishers who attended Year One eager to jump back on board for round two. MLR Press, Total-e-Bound, Loose-Id, Dreamspinner, Torquere, & Resplendence have all generously agreed to help sponsor many of the great events we have planned in 2012. I can’t begin to tell you what a huge affirmation that was for Carol Lynne, JP Bowie, Amanda Young, Lynn Lorenz, and me – all of whom helped plan and execute our New Orleans GRL Retreat. In addition to our returnees, both Silver Publishing and Samhain have also stepped in, picking up the tab for several large events. We honestly couldn’t do all of this without their support and sincerely appreciate not only their attendance but their participation on top of everything else. You can find a full list of attending publishers here: GRL 2012 Publishers

We’ve packed as much as we could into three and a half days while doing our best to leave everyone enough time to enjoy the unique locale. For

Hard Rock

those heading to New Mexico early, we are planning a Pre-GRL Santa Fe Getaway on Wednesday, October 17. Anyone choosing to go can hop the nearby New Mexico Rail Runner Train for this optional trip. Santa Fe is a mecca of art, culture, shopping, dining, Southwestern architecture and spectacular scenery. While this is an on-your-own trip that is not guided or sponsored by GayRomLit, I know part of the draw for me will be spending the train ride up and back chatting with other attendees!

The official retreat begins Thursday morning when registration opens at 9.00 a.m., where you’ll pick up your official retreat badge, bag, individual itinerary & the GRL 2012 program that includes the detailed schedule of who you’ll find where & when. From there you’ll be directed into the Swag Room where attendees can walk through to pick and choose what strikes their fancy! That afternoon, Author Readings, Q & A’s, Publisher Spotlights, and the individually designed Author Spotlights will begin and shall continue to run for the duration of the retreat.

Thursday evening we’ll start things off with a bang with the GRL Opening Night Reception hosted by Laura Baumbach and Manlove Romance Press. The event will include an ample assortment of hors d’oeuvres and opening remarks from Retreat Organizers and your host publisher. Following that will be the Gentleman’s Juke Joint: Wild Wild West After-Hours Party. That’s right, the boys are back and this year they’re gettin’ gussied up and ready to kick up their heels to tease and please with dancing and cocktails during this opening night ho-down.

Samhain Press kick starts Friday morning with the Build-A-Burrito Breakfast Buffet, followed by a morning of author and publisher spotlights! For lunch, GRL is bussing everyone to Old Town for Almuerzo Mexicana with Torquere Press followed by an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing. MLR Press will top off this amazing day-trip with the Day of the Dead cocktail party located in the beautiful, 200-year old hacienda, Casa Escencia. If all that wasn’t enough, be sure to pack your inner-Gleek ’cause Resplendence Publishing is handling late night with a Karaoke Party complete with munchables, a little caffeine and a cash bar for those who might require libational incentive to get up and sing! In case any of you haven’t already guessed, I’m not the type that’ll require liquid courage. Shocker!! : )

The loverly Loose Id will be kicking off Saturday morning with yummy French toast and eggs, wiring everyone up for the final morning of author

Spa Jar

and publisher spotlights! Silver Publishing went all out for the Trail-Ride BBQ which will be served outside on the Woodstock Lawn, with everyone coming together for the Author & Publisher Book Signing Mega-Event that afternoon! Total-E-Bound is hosting a Southwestern Social complete with cocktails and a special tribute to the rich culture, traditions, and colors of the Southwest at the amazingly cool Spa Dome. And closing out our final full day of events is Dreamspinner Press, sponsoring Cosmos Cabaret Lounge, including cocktails, a handsome singer and a grand piano – all you need for a good time, sing-along piano bar!

Come Sunday morning we’ll say vaya con dios to old friends and new at the GayRomLit Farewell Brunch sponsored by Leiland Dale & Silver Publishing! It’s here that we’ll be announcing the location of the 2013 GayRomLit Retreat as everyone says their goodbyes! Now, I’m not at liberty to drop any hints at this time, but I’ll go ahead and do so anyway, lol. While you may not always find sun with your sand, you just might stumble over a Navy man!

To close out this update of GRL, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something most of you already know by now. As I’m sure many of you have heard, Amanda Young had to drop out as an organizer after New Orleans. No she wasn’t voted off the island, merely knocked up!  :sex2: We wish both Amanda and her hawt hubby all the best in that new adventure called parenthood. They’re gonna need it…babies are leaky!

The end result of Amanda’s night-o-passion gone wrong, left us organizers on the hunt for a willing replacement. I think we were all very happy with our choice, William Neale. Bill came on board with fresh eyes following New Orleans, and was full of great ideas and a real passion for all we’d initially wanted to accomplish with GayRomLit. I’m happy to say that was something that never changed.

Bill’s unexpected passing last month was a huge shock to all of us who both knew and/or worked with him. I believe I can safely say that all of us organizing this year’s GRL are deeply saddened that Bill won’t be there to enjoy the amazing retreat he helped plan. Our time is the one thing none of us has the ability to replicate, and we’re so thankful that Bill was able to devote some of his to GayRomLit. His generosity of spirit and uniquely suited background in marketing will be sorely missed as we move forward. His cheeky little grin, good humored disposition, and friendship will be sorely missed by me.

I hope everyone attending GayRomLit in October will think of him and send a little love and a thank you his way. That’s all I have to report for the here and now, but I hope we’ll see all of you in Albuquerque!



  • a trick for flights if you have time – use something like orbitz and set up a price notification – I got tickets to Hawaii last year from Washington DC for under $500

    • I’m using that trick, Dee! : ) It’s pretty handy having them notify you, though the excess junk mail from them can be a pain in the arse. Small price to pay, though.

  • Hi Ethan, great post. You’ll have to promise to come and say hi to me. I’m likely to go either way: all out crazy and chatty and making absolutely no sense, or reclusive and shy. I’m a very shy person, but when I’m nervous I tend to laugh a lot and smile like a loony :nuts: Gawd, why do people have to take pictures at such events?? :ahhh:

    • Thanks Erica! You won’t be able to miss me, even if you wanted to, lol. I’ll be all over the place, so just tap me on the shoulder and say, give me a hug bitch. I will most happily comply! : )

  • 😀 I’m very excited to meet so many authors and readers that I’ve cyber chatted with over the years. I missed last year so I made it a point not to miss this year!

  • Looking so forward to this year. Last year was wonderful. A “treat” it was. Everyone was so nice. No need to be nervous everybody was so welcoming. The biggest group I’ve ever been around and felt just so comfortable with. I made so many great friends and this year hope too add more. This is one event that I don’t plan on missing each year if I can help it.

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that Lara. It was like that for me as well. I was so comfortable around everyone! Of course, I’m not exactly shy to beging with, but still – everywhere I turned there was a smiling face staring back at me. Everyone was genuinely happy to be there. Pretty cool.

  • Ethan

    I paid my registration as soon as I knew how few places were left 🙂 but I still may not be able to go to ABQ because I have tentative plans to go to Europe in September.

    I live on the East Coast – do you know how much it costs to fly to ABQ? I checked yesterday – it costs the same as flying to London. ouch

    • Wave:

      I hear you! The BF is a UK native I would very much like to travel to meet his family. We’ve priced tickets and it just isn’t feasible. London and ABQ are both off the table for me at the moment.

      Either way though, you’ll have a fabulous autumn!

      • Airfares are outrageous. I live next door to the US but it doesn’t mean much if I’m on the wrong coast. 😆 Oh well, if I can’t make it to ABQ at least I’ll be able to attend the UK GBLTQ Retreat in Brighton if I’m there at the right time.

    • I just don’t get the flight thing – ticket prices vary so much. Carol I flew to ABQ in January direct from KC and it was like $140 round trip. Now it seems prices have gone up? It’s insane. I was going to drive up and fly out of KC again this time, but by the time I add the gas up there and back along with the cost to park my car up there for a week it’ll end up not costing much more to fly out of Springpatch. There does seem to be a wide range in terms of cost, though.

      • Not only that but flying times are hugely different – from 7 hours to 12 and a half hours and there doesn’t seem to be any direct flights. 🙁

        You will have to make this up to me Ethan if I can squeeze ABQ in. :bananadancer:

  • Can’t wait! I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Especially Ethan!! He is as wonderful as you think he is everyone! (And, cute as well.) Plus, the author readings were a huge hit. Hurry up October!

    • Aww! Thanks Amanda!!! That was so nice of you to say. I did behave myself for the most part. : ) Cept for maybe Saturday night when the wine got the better of me. I’m with you, though – I was ready turn right around and do it all over again.

  • Darn it! I’d pretty much reconciled myself to not being able to go to any conventions or gatherings this year, and now you have to go and show me how much fun I’ll be missing! 🙂

    I’m betting by the time I *do* get my finances and schedule in a row to attend, you guys will have a 1-2 year waiting list! It looks like GRL is HUGE and getting bigger all the time (cut or uncut!) 😉

    I hope you guys all have a blast! Save a spot for me by the window for next year…

    • No waiting list for next year, Sarah! We’ll start fresh with 2013, so no worries there, and if you find out you can swing it after registration closes, be sure to check with us. Someone may drop out, leaving an opening. : )

      • That’s good to know, Ethan, thanks for the information. I doubt that will be the case, but you never know… I *do* keep buying those lottery tickets! 😀

  • Ethan, hey my friend. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone again, the only downside to it will be the absence of Bill. Both Randy an I were looking forward to spending time with him again he had become a very close friend to us both. 🙁
    We are also looking forward to helping you guys out with everything, to show our appreciation for all that y’all did for us last year. As I’m sure you know by now, we are bringing two guests with us, I hope they will enjoy themselves as much as we will.
    And the teaser for next year, Ethan, shame on you for doing that, lol. I’m taking a guess on it, but wont say it on here. Anyway, thanks to all of you for doing this for your readers, may it continue for many years to come. 🙂

    • Hi Mary – yes, losing Bill really sucked. I get upset and a little angry everytime I remember he isn’t going to be there. It’s not fair. It does make me want to get in there and make ABQ as flawless as humanly possible though.

    • Hey Stormy! Can’t wait to see you again – though I didn’t get a chance to chat much with you last year. I’ll have to get myself a hug this time straight away. : )


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