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Hi all! Ally Blue here. I have come to you asking for your help with a project. I asked Wave if she’d put up a link for me, and she did me one better. She said I could write up a short piece explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. So here I am, and here’s what’s up.

The Rainbow Romance Writers — the GLBTQ chapter of the Romance Writers of America — is conducting a survey of romance readers. We want to know what sort of romance you’re reading, how you’re reading it, and where you’re buying it. At the end of the survey, there’s an option to enter your email address for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Your email address will be kept separate from your survey answers, and all information will be kept absolutely confidential.

The ultimate goal of this whole business is to improve the shelving and marketing of GLBTQ romance in bookstores, both brick & mortar types and online types. Our Research & Retail committee, the group who came up with the survey idea (big thanks to Zahra Owens for putting together the actual survey), is looking for some hard data we can take to physical and online stores to hopefully improve how our books are shelved. We want to make sure our books are out there, easy for readers to find, easy for potential new readers to browse, and not just stuck in a “gay ghetto” as I’ve heard some people say 🙂

Please take our survey and help us learn more. Knowledge is power! Thanks to Wave for letting me post here, and thanks to all of you in the romance reading community for supporting ALL types of romance 😀

The survey button is on the site.


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  • :my2cents: I added mine.

    The price points made me hesitate too esp for shorts. I seldom buy them as I think they are always too expensive for the amount of fun I get out of them

  • Hi Ally 🙂
    Gladly completed the survey. Thanks for bringing it here, I hadn’t seen it elsewhere in my surfing…

  • I did the survey, but I wasn’t happy with the price point question. It was something like: How much would you pay for an 200 page e-book.
    One bracket was up to 4,99 and the next one was between 5,00 and 9,00.
    Now, I’m more than willing to pay more than 4,99, but I rarely, if ever pay more than 7,99. That’s what “pay ten, get one free” and discounts at ARe are for.
    I don’t think these brackets were chosen wisely.

    • I totally agree with you here Monica. The price range could have been wider to give readers more choice. This survey gave the impression that if you were willing to pay more than 4.99 you were prepared to pay $10 for a book that was only marginally longer. If I have to pay $10 for an ebook I would buy it in print.

      • Thanks for the feedback, y’all. We weren’t really sure where to cut off the price points, and everyone had different thoughts on the matter so that’s what we ended up with. We’re all paying attention to comments (both in the survey itself and through forums, emails, etc) so when y’all have this kind of feedback we’ll definitely take that into account in the final result. Thank you!!

  • Hi guys, THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for taking the survey! Y’all are wonderful :biglove:
    I think I can speak for everyone in the chapter when I say we truly, massively appreciate every single person who took the time to fill out our survey. Every opinion counts and we hope that in the end it’ll result in GLBTQ books making a bigger splash in the world of bookstores 🙂

    • Hi ally

      It was my pleasure to help out. I noticed that almost 400 people checked out your post and probably many more followed my tweet. I know that there will be many more tomorrow and hopefully at least half of them filled out the forms. We’re all happy to do our part for your survey.


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