Guest Contributor Announcement

Aunt Lynn and I are pleased to introduce Cody Hecht, our newest guest contributor.

As you know, this site has always been concerned about issues affecting teens and young adults such as bullying and coming out, and I have written several posts to bring attention to the issues faced by gay teens and young adults. We now have a contributor who is in the age group that is most directly affected and has intimate knowledge of how his peers are impacted, sometimes for the rest of their lives, by thoughtless or cruel bullies, sometimes adults — even their own parents. Here’s Cody’s profile:

Even though Cody Hecht is only eighteen, he has already done quite a bit. Since coming out to his friends and family, he founded the first ever Gay Straight Alliance for Holly High School. Plus, he helped his mother set up the Safe Reading Zone and also mentors other LGBT peers. He’s in his Freshman year of college and is majoring in Public Administration. He dreams of one day working for a non-profit LGBT organization.

Please join us in welcoming Cody whose first post will be live tomorrow.



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