Rock and A Hard Place

Title: Rock and A Hard Place
Author: Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 268 PDF pages
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lasha


Summary Review: Angsty enemies-to-friends-to-lovers book that I enjoyed despite a few minor issues.


Determined to outdo each other, business rivals Sean and Andrew land themselves in hot water when their private feud spills over at a very public charity auction. With neither willing to back down over the dream vacation at stake, they’re told by their boss that they’re both going and that they’re to return as friends.

As fate would have it, their plane crashes and they wash up on a desert island where their feud is as likely to doom them as the lack of food and their inability to start a fire. But there’s enough heat between them to set sparks flying once out and proud Sean discovers that Andrew’s gay, but determined to remain in the closet.

Rescue comes, but brings with it new challenges. They’re whisked back to their old lives with secrets to keep and a shared passion that makes it impossible for them to stay apart for long.

Choices must be made, new paths taken, and two men who have always been good at fighting find themselves, finally, with something worth fighting for: each other.




Have you ever read a book that by the end of it you were physically and mentally exhausted? Well, Rock and A Hard Place did that to me. I am not saying that it is a bad book; in fact, it is the direct opposite, but by the end of it the characters (and me) had been put through the wringer!

Andrew Carney is a rich, spoiled brat who works for his father’s company. Sean Darrow is a successful broker at the company and Sean and Andrew hate each other. This is not a  Jersey Shore frenemies kind of dislike, no, this is plain loathing. The two men disagree on the most trivial things and when their feud spills over at a charity function, Andrew’s father decides they have to work it out and sends them on a vacation to get over their differences. But, Fate is a fickle bitch, and as they are about to land on their vacation resort, their plane crashes and they are shipwrecked together. Cue Survivor moments (Yuk, eating raw crab!) and lots of Blue Lagoon moments, this time gay ones, instead of Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, and they spend their days forging for food and the nights…well, I guess you can imagine what they do at night!  :flirt:

Unfortunately, their island paradise is interrupted when they are rescued and have to go back to civilization. Sean wants to continue their relationship, but Andrew is so far in the closet I think he might have run into Tom Cruise in there. Will Sean and Andrew ever figure their complicated relationship out or is Andrew doomed to towing the family line and being unhappy?

As you can see from my rating, I really enjoyed this book. I love a good shipwrecked romance (I do own a copy of The Blue Lagoon, both versions!), so the blurb was perfect for my reading tastes. While the characters, plot and chemistry between the two protagonists is awesome, the main reason I couldn’t rate it higher was the constant misunderstandings which seemed to make the plot stumble every once in a while. Plus, the fighting between Sean and Andrew, while hot at first, dragged on a bit after the couple got together on the island. Quite frankly, I wanted to slap both men a number of times and yell: “Snap out of it!”

However, once I got past that, Rock and A Hard Place grew on me. As a fan of the Dave and Maddie relationship from Moonlighting, I like a good fight, as the making up is so much sweeter; so Sean and Andrew will have no issues there. Plus the scenes on the island were realistic and frightening; you could feel the tension as they tried to find enough food and water to stay alive. I kind of wished they could have stayed on the island a bit longer.

Overall, I always enjoy a book by this duo and Rock and A Hard Place was no exception. Andrew and Sean have complicated and strong personalities, so they needed an equally angsty plot. Ms. Snow and Ms. Davitt really put them through their paces and when they came out on the other side…it was worth the exhaustion. Recommended.


  • Great review but I’m so happy that you reviewed this one rather than me Lasha. The amount of angst in this book would have frustrated me no end because I can only take a certain amount, after which my brain is fried.

    This is definitely a case of to each his own. 🙂

  • Yes, yes, yes I WANT lol – enemies to lovers I want :). In fact I saw the preview somewhere else, why dont I still have it? Hmmm, must rectify lol.


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