Wacky Wednesday

Title: Wacky Wednesday
Author: J.A. Rock
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: BDSM, Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Short Novel(171 pages)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: A funny, laugh-out-loud story with a be-in-charge Dom and a brat to end all brats sub in a wacky, body-switching situation.


Things have been rocky lately for brat Jayk and his dominant partner Amon. Jayk, a college dropout, recently returned to school, while Amon, the HR director at a major financial firm, faces pressure at work. Their D/s partnership suffers as Jayk deals with his stress by acting out, and Amon deals with his by cracking down.

When Jayk and Amon wake one morning to find they’ve switched bodies, each is determined to prove he can handle his partner’s life for a day. But as the chaos builds, their swap proves more confusing, enlightening–and sexier–than they’d anticipated.

Wacky Wednesday Series


This story reminded me of the movie Freaky Friday, but only much better. I guess it was written with a wink to the movie. In any case, Wacky Wednesday drops right smack in the middle of both an established relationship and the switched-bodies situation.

When Jayk wakes up on Wednesday morning, all excited for Luciana Diamente’s Dungeon Party, it’s not in his own body, but that of his partner and Dom, Amon. Instead of freaking out, he just goes with it, thinking Amon was the cause of it.

They’d had a difficult day the day before that culminated in a sad and depressed Jayk (never a good thing) and a frustrated Amon and a poor, abused alarm clock as well as a poor abused cute butt. As we all well know, beginnings of relationship are new, fresh and easy, but they don’t always stay that way and it gets harder to make things work. Jayk and Amon have reached that particular part, not aided by Amon’s stressful job as a HR director and Jayk’s toils at college. They are struggling a bit to make things work, but Amon is controlling and Jayk is exceptionally bratty.

So it’s refreshing for them to step in each other’s shoes for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s funny how Jayk and Amon think the other’s life is so much easier. In the course of a day, with many a hilarious and sometimes serious situation, that view is altered.

I won’t tell you what made me laugh out loud in a full and crowded bus, but it was often (to the point that someone actually asked me for the title of the book). Wacky Wednesday is a well written, well developed story and it is obvious that the author took care with writing the characters and the story itself.

Throughout the story, you get a good feel for Amon and Jayk and their very different characters. They each have their own voice in the story and that’s what I especially liked. Neither character is just a generic story character, something I was afraid of when starting this. Especially in humorous stories, characters are often funny stereotypes.

Amon is very much the alpha in character. He exudes power and control. This comes back both in his work and his home situation. He is the older character and sometimes too serious. It made me roll my eyes at him sometimes and agree with Jayk.

Jayk on the other hand, is a lot more light hearted, caring, funny, but also needy, exceedingly bratty and has a hard time focusing. He needs the control that Amon gives them in their relationship. He does have a unique outlook on the world and it’s amusing to read how he gets himself into trouble without meaning to.

Overall, Wacky Wednesday is a wicked funny, enjoyable read. It’s well balanced between humorous and serious and the ending is befitting the story. I wasn’t familiar with this author before I read Wacky Wednesday, but now I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for other work. The m/m book world could use a lot more well written, romantic comedies like this one.

Oh, and if you do read this story, keep an eye out for the Human Rodeo scene. It’s hilarious!



  • So this book appeared on Amazon today and I got it. Thank you so much Larissa – lovely and funny story.

  • Glad you reviewed this one, I’ll be sure to check it out, always in the mood for a fun, lighter story!

  • Wow! Thanks for spotlighting this funny, sexy book. Great characterizations and very convincing exchange of viewpoints, something that’s not always well done.

    I had some trouble locating this book via the Loose ID website link. It didn’t show up in my searches by title or author. I found the author’s blog and was finally able to link to the LI page for this title: http://www.loose-id.com/wacky-wednesday.aspx?ID=1593

    • It is a wonderfully written book, I do hope you really like it, Karen!

      I’m sorry it cost you so much trouble to find it. It’s weird. The title link works, at least for me. But you found it anyways, enjoy!!!

      • I loved it, Larissa! A great version of “walk in my shoes.”

        Yeah, I can’t figure out what’s up with the link on my end. It takes me to the Loose ID homepage, but doesn’t go anywhere when I type the title or author in the search window. I’m updating my operating system today. Who knows, possible incompatibility between my OS and my web browser? Computer gremlins — meh!

  • Larissa I have heard about this author, even though I have not read anything by her, but not about this book. Sound fun, will check an extract, because you made it sound as something Iay enjoy. Thank you for the review.

    • You’re welcome. I hope you like it. I think this author is relatively new, but I have to check out her other book!

  • Great review, Larissa! Looks like I’ll have to add this to my TBR mountain. 🙂 I’m not a particular fan of BDSM, but I love the body-switching idea! I remember reading a YA book when I was in high school that played with the same idea, but it was a girlfriend-boyfriend pair who had to go to school as each other. Sounds like this could be the more grown-up version of that. 😎

    • It’s a popular theme in books and movies, but it’s a likable one 🙂
      The BDSM is not too bad or too hard in this story, at least I think so, it’s more romantic.
      Oh and this is definitely the grown-up version!!

  • Larissa
    Great first review!!

    This sounds like a book I would enjoy so it definitely goes on top of my TBR. Thank you for the rec.

    • Wooohooo! Thanks Wave! It’s a highly entertaining story. You gotta love a good brat. Let me know what you think of it!

  • Good review, you made me want to read it! I love books that make me laugh so this is going on my “To Read” list.


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