Hounded by Love


Title: Hounded by Love
Author: Pia Veleno
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Genre: Contemporary, romance, musicians
Length: novel (180 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: an interesting, enjoyable story with less than perfect heroes. In fact, I wanted to whack one over the head with a shoe.


Bas Korbas has more friends than he can count. The lead singer of Hecate’s Hounds has a voice that melts men and women alike. He never goes home alone, and rarely has a moment to himself when away from his bed. Despite all of the attention and the success of his band, Bas feels alone, stuck on the outside, looking in, waiting for someone to come and make him whole.

Reed Parker likes his quiet, secluded life in his mountain home tucked away on the outskirts of town. He’s not looking for love, just peace. When Bas “The Hound” Korbas storms into his life, and ignores the brush offs and explosions that have, without fail, driven other men away, Reed must decide if he should build his walls higher, or let Bas pull them down.


Hounded by love is a story you’ll either like or you won’t. It’s not your typical romance story. There is no instant love connection and proclamations of eternal love between the main characters, just a sizzling attraction (that does boil hot later on). It’s also not an easy relationship. In fact, it’s downright frustrating at times.

So while the blurb may allude to a sweet, easy romance, it’s a little more complicated!

Sit back, relax and let me tell you why.

Hounded by Love features punk/goth rocker Sebastian Korbas, lead singer for the band Hecate’s Hounds (loved the name); he has men and women worshipping at his podium. Fans adore him and there is no shortage of lovers. Male or female. While Sebastian is bi-sexual and hints at past relationships/hook-ups with women, there is no on page loving with women (thank the lord of books!).

While the music is rocking and the fans swarm around him, Bas is tired of his fame. He loves the music, but the hook-ups are meaningless and cold. He’s looking for something more.

Enter Reed Parker. Office worker and number cruncher extraordinaire, Reed likes his life quiet and uneventful and most importantly without people. He leans dangerously to the extreme side on the anti-social scale. When Bas catches his eye, Reed is attracted, but doesn’t act on it.

Bas, however, lives up to his nickname ‘The Hound’ as he pursues Reed without mercy – aided by his faithful dog. A good think too, because Reed could use a little nudge.

For me, what stands out in this story are the rocky patches in Bas and Reed’s romance. There is no easy relationship. Both characters have to work for it. There are several blowups and arguments. My guess is that some readers will either become frustrated by the complicated romance between Bas and Reed or bored with it. Reed’s continuous blowups did get a bit tedious at times.

What I also liked about Hounded by Love was that both Reed and Bas were less than perfect characters. Bas, while patient, is also arrogant and in some instances a hypocrite. He is no longer interested in groupies, yet he wants Reed to like the world he lives in.

He is a caring character though. You can tell by his relationship with his dog Daisy – who also plays an important role in this story. He stands by Reed and refuses to be pushed away.

Reed is the more complex character of the two. He is very anti-social and it’s not immediately clear why. He is very quick to temper and obviously doesn’t like to be around people. Reed also has a tendency to drive people away, a hurt them before they hurt you kind of attitude. He is all very aware of this, but doesn’t do anything about it.

That, in turn, made me wonder why he didn’t seek out help. Reed knows he has a problem. He also knows the root of the problem, yet he doesn’t seek help even though he wants to change.

It is a very good thing that Bas doesn’t intimidate easily.

Hounded by love is alternatively told from Bas’ and Reed’s POV. It’s a well written, but a bit too lyrical at times. But I found the writing suited both the scene and the characters.

Personally, I liked Hounded by Love. It was refreshing to not have an insta!love relationship, not to mention less than perfect characters. I liked Bas’ mohawk and leather outfits. Even Reed’s anti-social tendencies were a nice change of pace.


  • I’ve never been steered wrong here. Thanks for reviewing this one. I loved it. Loved both the guys. Love angsty books anyway.

  • Thanks for the review. I’m going to have to read this.

    My favourite review of all time because it suck me in with the line

    ‘in fact, I wanted to whack one over the head with a shoe’

    That had me cracking up and snorting coffe out my nose. (what can I say…. It’s been a slow week for mirth) 🙂

  • Thanks, Larissa, great review! This sounds like just my sorta cuppa, and I’d never heard of it before. :bananadancer:

    And to both Sirius and Reggie, I have to say: +1 😀

  • Great Review, very informative AND entertaining!

    I will check this out! I was just thinking that I haven’t read a new band story this year. I was also thinking that I wasn’t interested in the sweet same/same story. This sounds like a possibility.

    Thanks Larissa for all you put into this.
    Much appreciated! :skoal:

    • Thanks Reggie. This definitely has possibilities then, because the chacters are not mainstream!

      It wasn’t hard, I love writing!

      Let me know what you think!

  • Bought it when it came out, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet…glad the review was good tho! Thanks

  • Ooooooooo slowly developing relationship – I am so in, even if I never hear of this author before, this is a very refreshing development indeed. Thanks Laryssa.

  • This looks like the kind of story I’d like – I think I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the review!


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