Emerald Fire

Title: Emerald Fire
Author: A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder
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Genre: Science Fiction, M/M Romance
Length: 261 pages / 61500 words
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary:  Fascinating world filled with equally fascinating characters, I didn’t want it to end and would gladly return if there is ever a sequel.

Blurb:  The harsh desert world of Persis has developed its own customs far from Old Earth. Keepers are cherished as caregivers and helpmeets to Hunters. During Emerald Keeper Teeka’s first Contract with Senior Hunter Brant, disaster strikes. Brant is killed and Teeka is stranded, surrounded by strangers, and unsure of who to trust. A dark and moody Hunter steps forward with an offer of partnership and protection. Teeka wonders what motivates the scarred and solitary Senior Hunter Quill.

Both have hidden motives for agreeing, and both are suspicious of each other. But the Great Valley will force them to work together and build a trust born out of necessity and survival. Between the dangers of the harsh desert and the malice of a hidden enemy, Teeka and Quill must learn to believe in each other to find the truth.


The first thing I have to say about this book is that the world building is fantastic. It’s so descriptive and imaginative that I had no problems getting into or picturing it. I did have some problems figuring out the roles in society. I don’t think I ever fully understood how Keepers and Hunters would fit into their world. I eventually had to stop trying to figure it out and just go with it.

I really enjoyed Teeka and Quill. Teeka was sweet, nurturing and lovable. Quill was solitary, quiet and mysterious. Their relationship was developing in the aftermath of a murder so they were suspicious of each other and everyone around them. They were also on edge due to the danger of their situation. It was fun to watch them slowly open up and get to know one another. The relationship felt genuine and had a natural progression which was refreshing to see.

The entire time I was reading this book I loved it and didn’t want to put it down. I loved the world, I was trying to figure out who killed Brant and why, and I was worried that the killer would try to harm Quill and Teeka. All the makings of a great mystery were there and kept me engaged. The budding romance between Quill and Teeka was an added bonus. I was hooked and loving it right up until the end. All the loose ends were tied up, Teeka and Quill got their HEA, but I still felt like something was missing and it wasn’t complete. They were just about to embark on a huge transition and I wanted to keep following them to see what would happen next. Even though I was left a bit unfulfilled, I found Emerald Fire quite enjoyable and would gladly jump back into that world for more.


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