Happy 4th of July!

Hey ya’ll, it’s Independence Day here in the good ol’ US of A.  Like many of us, I’m headed out to a barbeque later in the afternoon, but before that I have a full day.  First, I’m sure Muggs will get me up at the ass-crack of dawn as he seems to like the early sun.  Then I’m hitting the YMCA to spin (hopefully more of) my ass off on one of a roomful of brand-spankin’ new bikes.  Seriously, they’re pretty awesome, all computerized and everything, so it will yell at me when I’m not keeping up with the drill sarg…er class instructor as well as do my laundry and feed the dog.  🙂  Then, I’m running home to wipe the grime off before joining fellow amateur radio enthusiasts to help Berkeley Fire do a Fire Patrol for a few hours.  What does that mean?  Heck if I know as I’ve never did it before, but it sounds fun!  Then I’m throwing together the stuff I am taking for the aforementioned barbeque and heading over to the par-tay.  And I want to be home before the fireworks because this is Muggs’ first boom-y holiday and I have no idea how he’ll react.

My fellow Americans, what are you doing today?


  • Happy Fourth. My husband and father ran a 5K race today, despite the fact the temperature was nearly 100 degrees. We spent the past two days at a hotel that has several pools. The best things about it–they have an adults only pool and hot tub and jello shots are only one dollar. While I was in the whirlpool, I was sitting next to a gal in her eighties. Not only does she read ebooks, but she demanded I write down my name so she could buy my books. She says she wants to try out some M/M stories. So, I guess they’re right and I am requiting others to the dark side. :bananadancer: :bananadancer:

  • Whew, I got tired just reading about your day, Lynn! 😮 I hope you enjoy it all! 😀 Like Sirius, I’m mostly just relaxing today, though some friends are coming over later this afternoon.

  • Just got back from Fire Patrol. For those of you who are interested, it consists of several teams going out into the Berkeley Hills to designated check points and reporting back locations and fire hazards/fires/all clears to essentially HQ (Net Control, in the lingo). For this exercise I was Net Control, so I didn’t get to roam outside on this bea-U-tiful Bay Area day, but it was a good learning experience. Now gathering my stuff to head out for the next thing — eating!

  • Good for you, Lynn! Have a great day! As it’s a Wed. and I have to go to work tomorrow, the extent of my plans are 1) water plants/flowers (done) 2) laundry (*not* done) and 3) checking favorite websites, of course! 🙂

  • Having friends over for a cookout/pool party. It’s too dry here for fireworks.

    Happy 4th!

  • Happy 4th to fellow Americans, Lynn you seem to have a very busy day today :). I am mostly just relaxing.

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