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  • Owh! #7 sure is pretty, but so are the guys from 15. Sweeeeet!

    But in the end I think I’m still hung up on the guy from Step Up 4. He sure can dance! I wonder if he;d come over and teach me!

  • I was having a tough time deciding between #5 and #14. The guys in #5 are absolutely adorable but the bathroom doesn’t do much for me. And since the Olympics are starting I guess I go with the guys in #14. When they are wrestling, I’ll have to wiggle myself in the middle to break them up. Yum….

    • Hey Jeffrey

      I love the guys in no. 5 but the only scene was them in a bathroom so I had no choice, sorry. However no. 14 are dishy (if there’s such a word outside of Great Britain.) 😎 You could of course take them on to the mat if you were so inclined. :blush:

  • Good morning! Some very nice choices, wow! Um.. I think 2 please. There’s just something really… :pant:

    Thanks Wave! Have a great weekend!

    • No. 9 is overdressed? Wow Sirius, you’re really getting brave. He wants to see what article of clothing you’ll remove first so you can start now. 😮

  • OMG! I totally agree with SusieQ! My keyboard ‘phewed’ when I put my coffee on a side before opening the page, best move ever.
    Jesus! Wave even included my Mario (guy No.1), a nice picture from when he was humble and contented. But I’m going with guy No.7, because he brings back nice memories, simply running my finger through his hair will make me feel relaxed. And today, I need that more than ever.
    Thanks, Wave. :biglove:

    • Hi Naaju

      You should thank Larissa for Mario since she sent him to me when I was feeling down. 😎

      Guy no. 7 is on his way to you and I’m pleased that you like today’s selection. 😀

        • You’re welcome! I didn’t know his name is Mario, but he sure is very fine

          Awww, Wave, are you feeling better now?

          • I thought you knew who he was. Well, his name is Mario Cimarro, and he is a Cuban actor who lives in Florida. Very famous in the Hispanic world. He has a short temper though, which got him in trouble more than once. But he knows how to kiss, he has a couple of scenes under the rain that surpass the one in The Notebook. Seriously, if you do a search on YouTube, you will see what’s I’m talking about. Ah, be aware that Mario is addictive.

            • Now that is very interesting information! I will have to do some research tomorrow!
              Thanks for sharing Naaju!

  • Wow! I was going to grab No. 16!! LOL

    But I’m happy with the boys from No. 11, if Susie still wants 16.


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