Perfect Day

Title: Perfect Day
Author: Josh Lanyon
Cover Artist: KB Smith
Publisher: Just Joshin’ Publications
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Story (21 pages/under 8k words)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

One Sentence Review: Just lovely.


Wyatt loves Graham. But Graham is still in love with Jase. Still, things could be worse. They could be camping.



Josh Lanyon is supposed to be on sabbatical, but apparently someone forgot to tell him because he’s slipped this little gem out when I didn’t expect him to. Now I realize that Perfect Day is a short – not my favorite format, I’ll admit upfront (usually not enough space to do a story justice, in my opinion) – but as he did with one of my favorite reads by him, In Sunshine and In Shadow (reviewed here as part of his Collected Novellas Volume 1), he crammed in a novel’s-worth of story into just a few pages and it works beautifully. No guns, no dead peeps, no mystery, just a simple – yet complex – little romantic tale. I liked it the first time through, I loved it the second.

Wyatt and Graham have been dating for two months. Even though he knew better, Wyatt has fallen in love, but Graham is still in love with and grieving for his deceased partner, Jase. Now Wyatt has done the unforgivable – saying out loud what his feelings are – and it looks like that’s the end of their relationship. Or is it?

This story takes place over the course of less than a day, and in that day (and 21 pages) Lanyon manages to cram in tons of character development, a full (albeit short) plot, backstory and world-building, and the conveyance so many emotions: unrequited love, grief, heartache, anger, survivor’s guilt, joy, realizations, hope. Tears and laughter were present, both on the protags’ part and mine.

Our two heroes are as fully-fleshed as possible for the length of the story – even more so than some novels – and Jase is pretty much a third protag for as much as he is mentioned and described. I immediately cared for the characters and what was going to happen.  Luckily there is no explicit smexxin as it would have just taken precious space away from the stuff that matters here – the character and plot devo.


Don’t let the short format scare you away – if that was a possibility. You won’t be sorry.


  • It’s amazing how Josh can write such a beautiful story in such few words…altho it made me crave MORE JOSH!…

  • I love your one-sentence summary! I’ve been eyeing this one, looks like I’ll have to actually read it. 😀

  • Oh damnit I really didn’t want to buy this……but you have all persuaded me. :grumble:

    Thank you for a great review. 😀

  • The short is not my favorite format either, Lynn, because even if it is done well, it usually leaves you wanting more. But in the hands of a Master like Josh, OMG!

    Your review is so correct. He brought out a wide range of emotions in just a few pages, more than you find in some full-length novels. And reading it a second and third time only improved on it, because you could focus in the beauty of the writing instead of worrying how it would end. Just perfect!

  • I agree 100% with your review of Josh’s little gem. I read this book when I was on vacation. I needed a pick-me-up that day and it did the trick. Josh doesn’t need 200 or 100 pages for his words to have impact – good things do come in small packages. 🙂


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