Punk Ass (Sticky Shorts)

Title: Punk Ass (Sticky Shorts)
Author: D.River
Cover artist: N/A
Publisher: Lightbane Publications
Amazon: Buy Link Punk Ass (Sticky Shorts)
Genre: romance/erotica
Length: short story/29 pages
Rating: 4.25 out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: Lovely erotica, which is also a beginning of the romance.


The author of the popular “Wild Horses” gay romance novel happily brings you his latest offering—“Sticky Shorts.” These little nibbles of stories are perfect to snuggle up with when you are in the mood for some quick and dirty fun.

“Punk Ass” is the amusing story of a good guy having a bad night. Aiden went to his favorite gay bar with friends to celebrate his graduation from college and to pick up someone to have celebratory sex with. However, with such obstacles as social awkwardness, meddling mothers and treacherous friends, things went downhill very fast for him. All is not lost, though, for a random encounter with some local punks turns his night around in an unexpected and very sexy way.


I have read so many stories which contain Insta!Love by now and was not satisfied with this plot turn many more times than I was. I stumbled upon this story when I was very bored and was checking out whether some of the Amazon reviewers whose tastes I trust may have read something interesting which I missed. I did not expect much from this story, but I was in the mood for short erotica and that is what I was expecting. I got something much more satisfying, in fact, it has become one of my favorite comfort reads for rainy day. And if you read a single Amazon review  I thought he was very spot on in his characterization of this story.

No, I did not think that the writing was technically perfect. I thought that the words “young punk” and “punk” were very overused. Some sentences felt awkward to me, but it could be just me being ESL, so I will not quote those sentences. I thought the first ten percent of this short could have been snipped a bit, because while the story is of course a short, I caught myself wondering whether there was a point in some of the exposition. I did not hate it, do not get me wrong, I guess after several rereads I just wanted to get to my favorite part faster. 🙂

But once Aiden and Trey meet  I loved the story. Of course I freely admit that it could be because I love a story which contains any hint “from enemies to lovers” trope. It is of course way too grandeur to call these two full blown enemies when they meet, but they are certainly not friends either. I just really believed in their desires and motivations and even though at some point there is some possible suspension of disbelief needed, I easily bought it all. I found it believable and to a degree even realistic enough. I can accept that a repressed young gay man (no, not Gay for you, just gay) could act that crazy – at the very least the writer sold me on the possibility.  And I really loved them in bed together – I thought it was very sweet. I also really appreciated how on the surface the writer did not make their encounter about anything but  great sex and Troy finally having the courage to be himself, but their actions during their lovemaking definitely showed something else.

I also really appreciated the ending – full of hope and promise for the future, but not moving in together and getting married after spending one night together.

As I said this story became one of my favorite comfort rereads.

Definitely recommended.


    • Talk about exceeding expectations, right? I am so used to story not fulfilling the expectations that the opposite is always nice. Glad you enjoyed it.

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