Friday Guys August 3


guy no. 15


guy no. 13

guy no. 12

guy no. 11

guy no. 8

guy no. 9

guy no. 8

guy no. 7

guy no. 6

guy no. 5

guy no. 4

Guy no. 3


guys no. 2

guy no. 1



  • Guys

    I noticed that many of you no longer have your avatars. I hope you read Aunt Lynn’s post earlier this week and that you’re rushing off to to replace yours if it was lost when we deleted the Reading Rooms. Here’s the post if you didn’t see it:

    I really miss your avatars. 🙁

  • #9 please. Can’t pass up a chance at Quinn. 🙂 We’ll play Darren’s music all weekend for ambiance. 😀

    • Hi Dianne

      You always seem to know these guys too. You and Jeffrey must visit the same places – shame on you. 😮

      Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • My my….the Blue boys in #2 are very popular! But I can share…I’ll keep em Friday & Saturday. Then on Sunday, if they can still move,
    :blush: , I’ll send them off to Larissa, and Jeffrey, & Jeff! And thank you for their names, Jeffrey…I knew we could count on you!

    • I’m getting a reputation here… I’m not sure it’s a good thing… But I can’t help it, I find it easy to remember the names of hot guys…

  • Wave, is that trio from picture number 2 the same group of guys who hang out at your hot tub? If so, I’ll be right over.

    • Jeff

      The hot tub guys are in a class of their own but you can hang out with the Randy Blue guys, as Jeffrey calls them, (how does he KNOW all of these guys?) if Susie will agree to share and take her foot off their neck. 😆

  • Oh my goodness… What a collection. Everyone made my “short” list. I had really wanted the Randy Blue boys in #2 but I’m glad to let SusieQ have them for her “new job” celebration.

    • I hate to repeat myself but you always amaze me by being on first name terms with these guys Jeffrey. Does Fred know about your kink? 😛

      Seriously, it’s very chivalrous of you to let Susie have these guys for the weekend. I hope she doesn’t tire them out – at least she won’t go blind. :blush:

      • Fred knows about my skill (I prefer skill to kink) and is just as amazed as the rest of you. He asks me if he should worry and I always reassure him by pointing out that after 20 years he “floats my boat” as they say…

        • We’ll see how you do next week!!! I think Fred should worry – that one day you’ll run away with a couple of the guys 😮 whether or not he “floats your boat.” 😀

          • Trust me, he has absolutely nothing to worry about. I always knew that I drive like a bat out of hell on the way home from work – more so than at any other time. I didn’t know why but I realized a few months ago that the reason was because I was coming home to be with him.

            You can all “awwwww” now. :hysterics:


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