Notes from the Bay Area M/M Romance Book Club: August 2012

The faces behind the books: EM (showing off her newest DSP title), Lynn and Reggie

So, what happens when you get four readers and an author/reader together in Dublin, California on a sunny Sunday afternoon? You have five hours of new and old friends talking M/M — and other! — reading, eating some giant portions of yummy food, teasing with waiters, and laughing a good deal. That’s what happened this afternoon as a group of us — jeayci, Reggie, Katie, EM Lynley and I (Aunt Lynn) — met for the monthly gathering of the Bay Area M/M Romance Book Club.

I picked up jeayci and EM on the way down from Berkeley a little early because I had to do something for &*#% RL work at the exact time we were supposed to meet Reggie and Katie. Nice first impressions as I was the newbie to this group. And poor EM, she got stuck into riding in the back seat of the Jeep, a breezy experience at the best of times, but she was a good sport about it. My Jeepmates were gracious enough to run over to the Starbucks across the street from the restaurant with me as I fired up my laptop for a bit to get done what I needed to get done. They headed off at 1 to meet Reggie and Katie as I furiously made my fingers fly over the keyboard.  I didn’t want to miss anything!

Once that crap was dealt with I joined up with the other four in a large booth where we proceeded to enjoy each others’ company for the afternoon. Apparently this group is well-known for its long stays and boisterous nature as the waiters teased us — and us them — about previous visits. We talked writing and reading and reviewing and publishing and editing and RL stuff and GRL (past and future) and smexxin in loud voices that I am sure both annoyed and amused our neighbors. We discussed the book of the month, Mardi Gras by A.B. Gayle. We ate from very generous portions and laughed.  We took some pics for this post (jeayci and Katie are shy!). At 5:30, we took the conversation outside and said our goodbyes with hugs and a date set for next month.

If you live in the Bay Area and want to join in the fun, let me know and we’ll get you the info.  My four cohorts, thanks for having me and if you have anything to add or if I missed anything or got something wrong, comment below.


  • This sounds like lots and lots of fun :). If I ever do make it to San Francisco, I would certainly be begging for invite 🙂

  • Great job, Lynn. Yes, the waiters know us….I hope it’s because we tip well and it’s not something we said?!! 😮 :hysterics:

    Yes, more is better, right?….at least that’s what the books say. :flirt:

  • Wow, I’m amazed you made it home and found time to post about our afternoon!

    It was great to meet you and hope you’ll be joining our little group in the future. It’s amazing how quickly a whole afternoon (and sometimes part of an evening) can pass before you even notice.

    And Jess, I was thinking the same thing about how fun it would be put the top down on the Jeep and ride around on the dunes somewhere.

    Oh, boy, GRL is like yesterday afternoon, but non-stop for five days PLUS cocktails. You’ll need another five days to recover. I can’t wait!

    • Yeah, came home and cranked it out, EM. 🙂

      I hope I’ll be attending in September and have the date set in pen on my calendar. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed about Albuquerque.

      If I can find some dunes, we’ll definitely go riding with the top off. “)

  • So glad you could make it Lynn! :hurrah: “long stays and boisterous nature” Yup, that’s us all right! 😆

    I enjoyed riding in the back of your Jeep on the way back. The only problem was it made it harder to hear all the interesting things you and EM were talking about. 🙁 But I can imagine how much fun it must be with the top off on a sunny day! 🙂

    • Yeah, the back seat is a problem for hearing what is going on up front, sorry. And yes, definitely super fun with my…er the top off. 😉

      I’m really happy I could make it work to come, and I am grateful for your and EM’s flexibility. Now to try and get to Albuquerque…

  • Sounds like fun. Maybe next time I make the trip to see my daughter in Monterey it will line up with one of your meetings. 🙂

  • Where is my invite Lynn? I could fly over from Canada for an afternoon of fun and drinks and talk about books. I read books too!! 😈

    • I invited you in the comments on that “coming up this week” post a few weeks back. Or was my invite not good enough and you want one from Lynn too? 😛

    • *sigh* Wave, we’ve had this discussion before. If you just moved here, it would be so much easier! And you know that invite is always on the table; come and I;ll cook for you. 😉

    • Yes, it does help if you live at least on the same continent, you’re right Clare. 🙂 We did have fun, and I’m looking forward to next month.

    • Yes, Samantha, it’d be great for you to join us! If you’re on Goodreads, join the GR group to get all the deets on the upcoming meetups. That’s where we coordinate it all, and sometimes discuss other events or potential get-togethers around the Bay Area.


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