One Last Kiss Goodbye

Title: One Last Kiss Goodbye
Author: N.J. Nielsen
Publisher: Out of Print
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Length: 125 pages / 25798 words
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary: I went in hoping for a darker look into a romance with past abuse but got something much more wholesome. Unexpected, but still enjoyable.

Blurb: Jacen Ives comes face to face with his past when he finds himself sharing a house with Kayne Henderson and his children. Will a childhood crush lead him to happiness or destroy his life?

Jacen has always hidden his feelings from the boy he knew he was meant to love, while Kayne, eighteen and confused, married his high school girlfriend and started a family, unaware of the trouble looming ahead. So with one last kiss goodbye, Kayne lied about his feelings for his best friend’s brother and let his heart walk away.

Six years later, Kayne and Jacen must work together to find out who is trying to destroy their lives–George, a jealous, unstable ex-boyfriend responsible for assaulting Jacen; or Teagan, the woman overcome with seething hatred towards the man who stole her ex-husband’s heart?


I went into this book expecting a deeper and hopefully more intense read due to the abusive ex-boyfriend and hateful ex-wife. What I soon discovered was that it was going to be sweeter and more romantic than I originally wanted. That was OK though because it started out really well with a flashback to Kayne and Jacen in high school. I was caught up in the nervous excitement of their budding romance. I had a giddy feeling in my stomach and I knew I was going to love this book.

Once the book jumped into present day I was falling out of love. The dialogues were kind of cheesy and the encounters between characters felt a little forced. There were also glaringly obvious coincidences that let me know exactly where the story was going and killed any surprises I might have hoped for.

Jacen and Kayne were great characters though. They were both likeable and felt genuine. I could get past the other issues because of that. I never felt any passionate chemistry between them, it was more nurturing and romantic. Their complex history and supportive family members bolstered them enough that I didn’t focus on the lack of passion. One Last Kiss Goodbye is a little cheesy, very predictable and incredibly wholesome but still an enjoyable read. It may not have been what I was looking for when I picked it up but I wasn’t disappointed with it in the end.

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