UK Meet 2012 – Bigger and Better Than Ever ….. by Josephine Myles

On the 15th September this year, the third annual UK Meet for GLBTQ fiction will be held. From our humble beginnings of twelve people around a table in the back room of Ely Public Library, we’ve grown and grown. This year we’re going to take over the beautiful and vibrant coastal city of Brighton, also known as the gay capital of the UK. In the run up to the Meet I asked some of the attendees—readers, writers and bloggers—what they were hoping to get out of this year’s event.

Jordan Castillo Price

I’m not sure what to expect, but I was utterly floored and flattered by the invitation to be this year’s keynote speaker! Britain is the stuff of fantasy for many Americans. I snarled my way through high school listening to the Sex Pistols and The Damned, so in my mind London was the epitome of cool. I’ll be eager to meet a bunch of friendly, like-minded people, soak up the atmosphere, and enjoy the ride. And the beer.


I’m looking forward to people who are active in the same genre as me, be it authors, readers, reviewers or all three and just have a blast in taking over Brighton!

Anne Brooke

It will be really fantastic to be with like-minded people who both read and write gay fiction and gay romance – I’ll really enjoy not having to explain why I write it even though I’m a straight woman! It will also be very exciting to meet face-to-face people I’ve only met online before and also to catch up with those I met at the conference two years back. Plus I’m looking forward to all the sessions, and meeting the publishers who are attending as well. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend and I’m very grateful for the UK MAT team for arranging it.

Lucy Felthouse

I’m looking forward to spending time with other like-minded people, taking part in panels and getting the word out there about my gay, lesbian and bisexual stories.


Brighton Pavilion

Lillian Francis

As a newbie, I’m really looking forward to meeting other authors with a bit more experience and picking their brains. And it will be great to be amongst people who don’t frown when I tell them what I write and then ask why. That’s if I can summon up the courage to speak…I’ll be the one in the corner trying to blend into the flock wallpaper.

Megan Reddaway

I really need a kick up the a*** with my writing sometimes and I know I can rely on my fellow authors for that 😉

But seriously, I went to last year’s meet and found it so energising and inspiring, I was hooked. It’s wonderful to meet other readers and writers who feel the same pull away from straight romance. I’m especially looking for tips on how to make my characters more lovable, but even if I learn nothing, if I enjoy this year’s meet half as much as last year’s I will be happy!

Elin Gregory

Most of my social life is online – oh doesn’t that sound pathetic! What I mean is that all the people with whom I can discuss fabulous books, writing problems and bizarre plot bunnies are online and there’s not a chance I’ll pass up on seeing you lovely ladies again. 🙂 Can’t wait.

Tam Ames

I’m looking forward to seeing some friends I’ve met before, meeting friends I only know on-line and making some new ones. It’s great to be able to discuss common interests with people in real life as no one in my daily life reads m/m.

Sandra Lindsey

The same thing I took from the last two: a good laugh, a nice buzz, reassurance that I’m not completely mad trying to form a career out of something

Brighton Theatre

which languished as a hobby for so many years, and a bundle of good advice! And of course, I’m looking forward to putting even more faces to names and getting my hands on some bargain-tastic books 😀


This can be divided into two areas. Firstly, I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and having the opportunity to catch up. Online interactions can be so trivial or basic but when you meet someone in person it allows you to discover more about them and I love that. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people and authors whose books I may not have read because I love discovering new authors and books.

Secondly, the meet allows an opportunity for civilised discussion of GBLTQ books, themes and ideas. Online interaction allows people to hide behind pseudonyms and discussion can often be heated, insulting and unproductive. To have a room full of people, all on their best behaviour (mostly!) means that we can have constructive and careful discussion. Some of my favourite parts of the Meet last year was when we opened up the floor to discussion or questions and just tossed about ideas. We had some really in-depth discussions on difficult topics but it was all done without people getting defensive or hot under the collar and I’m very much hoping it will be like that this year. I rarely get to discuss my love of this genre away from the Internet and the meet allows me to do that.

Becky Black

To meet up with old and new friends, and to get some face to face time with like-minded people. And to learn, always to learn! About writing in general, about publishing and about this genre in particular.

Zahra Owens

Meeting old friends, making new ones, learning from everyone there.

Last year was a blast and I hope the same for this year!


Brighton pier

Stevie Carroll

What I’m looking forward to about the Meet is the opportunity to talk to people about all aspects of my LGBTQ writing in one place, when so many blogs tend to concentrate on only a part of the continuum. Also the chance to meet everyone face to face and to take a stance at my panel on why lesfic needs more love, why poly doesn’t always equal ménage, and why bi and trans* folk don’t necessarily lose those identities when they enter a relationship with the perceived opposite sex (when mainstream romance starts taking on bi and trans* protagonists in m/f stories as a regular thing, I may have to retire from activism).

JL Merrow

At least as much fun as I had at the last one! 🙂

Mara Ismine

Loads of things! Meeting more wonderful people and catching up with the ones I met last year. Inspiration and a shot of enthusiasm. More tips on how to cope with promo. And whatever we get to discussing that I’d never even thought of before.

Maybe I’ll even get to see something of Brighton.

Clare London

I’m really thrilled at the prospect of meeting people in the flesh (!) who already love our genre, as I often feel isolated as a writer and reader. There’s the joy and support of not having to explain what and why I write, the excitement of meeting new people, and the fun and reward of exploring the topics

helter skelter

in the panels.

Charlie Cochrane

Being among a group of people to whom you don’t have to explain why you read what you read or write what you write.

Fiona Glass

This will be my first time at the UK Meet so what I’m looking forward to more than anything else is the chance to put faces to names. Although I’ve been involved in the m/m fiction world for more years than I care to remember (or have fingers and toes to count), I’ve not had the chance to meet nearly enough of my fellow writers. It’ll be great finding out who they are and what makes them tick, and swapping anecdotes and tips about the m/m writing world. Of course, listening to some fascinating panels and having the chance to read out the first 150 words of my latest book at the Novel Openings panel is going to be fun, too!

Cameron Lawton

As I’ve never been to one before, I’m open to any and all opportunities. It will be a pleasure to meet other writers of this genre and readers. Living abroad as I do, I sometimes feel rather isolated even though I can chat online with you all. It will be wonderful to put faces to the names I’ve only seen onscreen.

All this AND a goodie bag… what’s not to like?

Josephine Myles

As for myself, I’m really looking forward to meeting for the first time some of the people I’ve been chatting to online, as well as catching up with people who came last year. I’m warning you now: expect hugs, everyone!


Grand Hotel

Although online bookings for the 2012 UK Meet are now officially closed, anyone still wanting to sneak in should contact me immediately to find out about the possibility of a late booking. We have to confirm final numbers with the venue this Friday (24th August), so you’ll have to get in quick, but don’t worry if you can’t. There’s always 2013, when we’ll be bigger and better than ever! Put the 13th and 14th July in your diaries now 🙂




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