Into The Bermuda Triangle: Turbulence #1

Title: Into The Bermuda Triangle: Turbulence #1
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Cover Artist: Jordan Castillo Price
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal/Action Adventure/Interracial
Length: Novelette/30 PDF pages/8600 words
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Review Summary: This author sure knows how to write a scary story.


You don’t need to be macho to be strong. AVA First Officer Paul Cronin should know—he’s a gay pilot in a profession that reeks of testosterone. The other pilots are macho. The mechanics are macho. Heck, even the baggage handlers are macho. It seems like the only men on the airline who aren’t strutting around talking cars and football are the flight attendants.

With his scheduled flight grounded, Paul finds himself torn between a rendezvous with a handsome flight attendant and a new assignment on Flight 511. He discovers the replacement flight is a quick trip to Bermuda that will allow his date to proceed as planned, and it seems as if his weekend is falling right into place, despite the passengers’ apprehensions over crossing the Bermuda Triangle.

Skeptic that he is, Paul finds it difficult to soothe the passengers’ fears. The Bermuda Triangle is just a sensationalistic name that a journalist invented for a commonly-traveled stretch of the Atlantic. Of course, airline employees wouldn’t entertain that sort of superstition…so why is the rest of Flight 511’s crew acting so strange?


If you have read any books by this author you know she loves to shock her readers by coming up with some of the most unlikely scenarios, even though you sort of expect the unexpected in the Bermuda Triangle. In the start of this new series called Turbulence, Jordan does exactly that, but first she introduces you to her characters and entices you into their world. Then, when you think you know them or what’s next, she pulls the plug and you fall headlong into the dark waters.

The  opening scene was quite eerie and dramatic as it set up the rest of the book when the reader is introduced to Marlin, First Officer of flight 511. Paul Cronin is the First Officer on a flight to Florida where he meets Flight Attendant Dallas Turner, and their attraction is immediate despite their differences. Paul ends up in Dallas’s pants, but not the way you’re thinking. 🙂 Paul’s life started to go haywire when he does his preflight check of the plane he’s supposed to be flying and finds something wrong. The mechanic who was summoned to fix the problem had a close encounter and Paul’s pants somehow got in the way of brake fluid spraying everywhere. And this is only the beginning …

Paul was assigned to flight 511 to Bermuda when his original flight was cancelled, but 511 was not the routine short hop he expected. During the flight his heart felt as if it were jumping out of his chest as his nerves stretched to breaking point. When the plane arrived at its destination and he opened the cockpit door the scene that met his eyes was worse than the flight. The only plus was that Dallas was also there – maybe he could help Paul before he lost his mind.

Jordan Castillo Price knows how to set up the unsuspecting reader. In Into The Bermuda Triangle she took me to the precipice, but instead of shoving me off immediately she toyed with me and then delivered the final blow. Into The Bermuda Triangle lives up to its name and does a wonderful job of demonstrating this author’s imagination, writing skill and flair for the paranormal. Jordan shows that writing short stories is a skill she has mastered!

Each story in this series is quite short, about 30 PDF pages, and I will be reviewing them in sequence. If you’re looking for stories that are out of the ordinary, with lots of unexpected twists along the way and don’t panic easily 🙂 you should pick up these books since most of them are free on Amazon or the JCP Books site. I’ll be back with a review of book 2 in a couple of days. Hold on to your boarding pass.




  • I love these series so freaking much – have you read all four yet ??? She takes them in such unexpected directions and her explanations are sooo fresh and I love her characters. I can tell you what happens I’m book four if you have not read that one yet? ;). And they are the best way to try her work – they are free on her website and the first three are free on amazon.

    • I have all four books. she sent them to me after I picked up a couple free on Amazon. Nooooo. I don’t want you to tell me what happens. 😮 I’m not like someone who always reads the back of the book first. I’m on book 2 now.

      • Can you maybe ask her how many books she is planning in the series? :). Hmmm I am now curious who that someone might be? 😉 I am absolutely amazed how she seemed to think of every detail of the world building , made everything so clear ( I am sure thee are more surprises coming but what is there was very clear to me) and characters are just so awesome. Yeah fan girl I am 🙂

        • I did ask her and she said she plans on releasing an episode each month, reminiscent of episodic television series like LOST.

          She is an amazing writer. With her talent she should be writing for a New York publisher, not be in such a small pool like M/M romance.

          I have no idea who that person might be. 🙂

    • “I love these series so freaking much”

      Woo hoo, that totally makes my day!

      I’m thinking there will probably be 10-12 episodes when it’s all said and done. While I know how it ends, I’m winging it through the middle and allowing myself wiggle-room.

      I’d envisioned this series as being sort of fluffy and paranormal, but the research involved in convincingly writing a pilot has been staggering.

      • What I love about your stories Jordan is that your research is always impeccable. BTW I could have said what Sirius did but I wanted to be more professional since I was writing the review. 😀

        Fluffy and paranormal Guess we’ll all see what that looks like when you’re done. 😎


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