I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


    • I wondered what happened to you Ben since I found all of these guys with hair on their bodies at your request. 😀 Since you asked so nicely you can take No. 8 home with you all week. 😎

      • You are the sweetest kindest person ever. And have sexy taste! Thanks for number 8. I’ll name him Chase.

        NOW you know why I missed the hot hairy guy!

        And there were several men I liked this time! 1 and the jock and the hint of what’s underneath, MY GOD on #12 and he isn’t claimed (could I have him too since I didn’t get that guy a couple weeks ago? — no, that would be too greedy), and oh hell! – all of them are hot! I like your taste!

      • This dayshift orientation is killing me,Wave! I’m a nightshift girl!! And I’m worried about missing out on the hotties, lol! But everyone there is incredibly nice & the soon to be steady paycheck is very welcome. Thanks for caring, Wave, you’ll never know how much you helped me cope. Love ya lots!!! :biglove:


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