Mobsters and Miracles

Title: Mobsters and Miracles
Author: Lavinia Lewis
Publisher: Self Published
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Genre: police procedural/action/adventure/romance
Length: 170 pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

A guest review by Sirius.

Summary: This fun police procedural with two enjoyable characters kept my attention, but it could have been so much more.


How can detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa form a relationship when they can barely stay alive long enough to solve their case?

Narcotics detectives Lucas Manning and Danny DeRossa have been investigating the Valdez brothers’ lucrative cocaine business for a little over a year. The case is as good as closed. The Valdez brothers are being held in custody while awaiting trial and Tony Reyes – general dogsbody and hired gun is in protective custody until he can testify against them. Time for Lucas and Danny to sit back and put their feet up? Not if Ramon Torres has anything to do with it.

When Torres – a long-standing employee of the Valdez brothers kidnaps Lucas to discover the location of Tony Reyes, it’s up to Lucas’ partner Danny to rescue him. But during their escape, they witness a startling incident – a priest and a rabbi in a shoot-out with Ramon’s men. What possible connection could a band of drug dealers have with the church and the synagogue? Lucas and Danny have evidently stepped in the middle of something big, but can they stay alive long enough to find out what?
To complicate matters further, out and proud Lucas has fallen hard for his straight partner Danny. But is Detective DeRossa as straight as he led Lucas to believe or could he return his partner’s affections?


I was in the mood for an action adventure and while several things in the blurb made me nervous I decided to go for it. We are thrown in the action storyline from the very first pages and it is very fast moving. I enjoyed it and I thought the pacing overall was actually quite good. I did not think it ever dragged;  when it slowed down, it was very appropriate for the story -( to devote some time to the romance aspect) and then it would pick up again and slow down again, I thought that part was well done.

While it was entertaining and fun,  several times I thought that what Lucas and Danny was doing was stupid and not believable. I guess a couple times throughout the story I just could not suspect my disbelief as to police officers behaving the way they did. I was very grateful though that they did not have sex when they were in mortal danger. I appreciated that very much.

After reading the blurb I was kind of worried about potential Gay For You in this story, because as some of you may know I  am getting very very tired of most varieties of this trope. I get the appeal of the trope, but I think that falling for one special guy is just as romantic when you are aware that you love guys or that you are bisexual and the right person finally came along  for you. In that regard I worried for nothing – there is no Magically Gay For You, or any Gay For You in this story and I was happy about it. In fact I thought  that the start and development  of their relationship in between of all the action was done well and I  appreciated the refreshing lack of angst, but of course I realized the lack of angst was probably due to the fact that the story is not really Gay For You or even Out For You. It is more like – now I know who you really are and how you feel and let’s do it 🙂

Besides some believability issues, one of the biggest issues I  had with the story was that I just did not really like Lucas’ voice as  much as I wanted to. I did not hate him at all, do not get me wrong, but I did not love  his narration either. I tried to figure out what I did not like specifically. Was it  that he does not use particularly complicated words? No, not really, and besides he is a cop, not a writer, so his vocabulary was totally appropriate I felt.  In the end I am not sure, I just know that the voice in this one was not my favourite one at all.

And another one of my issues was that I noticed several typos and – missing words and when I notice, I always get paranoid – I tend to miss when there are very few typos and when I notice this is often an indicator that there could be more, so just in case beware.

Recommended with reservations.


    • As I mentioned to Wave, I am *very* curious to hear your thoughts as somebody who can tell whether their actions as police officers not just believable, but whether they would ring true. Please please let me know what you thought. I stumbled because I could not overcome my “believability barrier” more often than not, but maybe it would be all plausible to you.

  • Even though you were disappointed with this story I might give it a try since it’s about cops an I love those alpha heroes. Like you, I’m getting a bit tired of the GFY trope – I don’t mind OFY as much since the person was already gay, just in the closet.

    As for the typos, I don’t know how many you found but I have this problem with books released by reputable epublishers as well.

    • Oh I liked it better than I expected, there were parts that really pleased me and some that did not, so you may love it. Plot was also entertaining – not very believable, but entertaining and due to a lot of action, the angst was not very high. If only at times they acted less unbelievably. I am really curious whether Lasha would find it believable actually 🙂

      And voice, definitely check if you like the voice before you start.

  • Maybe I was expecting something else, maybe I just couldn´t connect with the characters but I ended a bit dispointed with this book 😕
    Thank you for your review 😎

    • Hi Helena, as I mentioned to Wave, some parts worked for me better than I expected, some did not, so I can understand the dissappointment. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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