Champion (Indigo Knights #2)

Title:Champion (Indigo Knights #2)
Author: Jet Mykles
Cover Artist: P.L. Nunn
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novel/192 pages/50K words
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Review Summary: Romance and rock and roll compete with glamour and excitement.


Danny Champion is ready to be a rockstar. He’s been preparing for this most of his life. He’ll finally make it with the Knights. He knows it.

It’s a horrible time to fall in love.

But then there’s Cash, Danny’s roommate. A quiet computer nerd without a clue about the music business, Cash can barely understand the world Danny’s so eager to live in. He certainly doesn’t want to share it.

Even though he knows he shouldn’t, Danny’s unable to resist introducing Cash to the wonders of sex. He didn’t expect to get addicted to Cash’s charms.


If you read any books by Jet Mykles in the Heaven Sent series you know that one MC in each story starts out as straight and then he falls in love with another man – the typical GFY trope. This trend continues in the Indigo Knights series.

Danny Champion was the lead singer for his band which was moving on up and good things were happening for him, but while waiting for the money to start flowing he has to make a living so he waits tables part-time at a pizza joint to pay the rent. He had taken over his bandmate Rabin’s apartment but soon realized that he wasn’t making enough to cover his expenses so he asked Cash, with whom he had become friends, to share the apartment. Cash Pattison didn’t need to share with anyone while attending university because he was on a scholarship and had an allowance from his parents, but he liked Danny so he decided to help him out.

The book opens with Danny preparing to attend the wedding of Luc and Reece from Heaven Sent and he had to explain to Cash, who was clueless about anything that wasn’t connected to a computer, why it was just as important for two guys to be married as any heterosexual couple. Danny was attracted to Cash but he felt it was a losing proposition since Cash was straight. Of course Danny tried his best to convince Cash that they could have a relationship and that he was the object of Danny’s affections but Cash was very cynical about romance, especially gay romance, and in addition wasn’t interested in a musician who would be on the road for months. Eventually they had sex after a lot of persuasion on Danny’s part and Cash seemed to be into it, but Danny was very aware that his timing sucked because in just one month he would be leaving Chicago to go on a world tour with his band as the opening act for Heaven Sent.

Danny was a very likable character who didn’t take himself seriously despite his job and his looks.  What was important to him was his music which he lived for most of his adult life. Then he met Cash and was pulled in two different directions – his music career and Cash whom he was sure he loved. Did Cash care about him or was he just looking to pass the time with someone who would teach him about sex?

Cash was a nerd who lived in his own world and Danny was his only friend. He was the opposite of the more vibrant Danny and so unaware of everything around him and isolated from life that he almost seemed like a reflection rather than a real person, then he would occasionally surprise me as he showed how much he cared about Danny. I think his characterization was unique in a story about a rock and roll band because he was completely outside the sphere of music – he hated crowds, couldn’t relate to music or the industry, and wasn’t interested. The opposites attract theme worked most of the time except when it seemed he didn’t appreciate Danny.

The music sequences in the book were well done and authentic and the other characters were just as three dimensional as the MCs, especially Noble who was so flamboyant he could have been a member of Heaven Sent. The band’s manager Gordon was another interesting personality; he had the drive and connections that the young band needed and I’m hoping that he and Lance, another member of the band with whom he had a history, will be the next story in this series. If you like lots of sex this book can’t miss as Jet Mykles is one of the few authors who writes incredibly hot sex scenes which I enjoy reading because she varies them and doesn’t just go through the motions. In addition she’s a wonderful writer.

In Champion the members of Heaven Sent were in the book a lot more than in Squire, which I thought was a good strategy as the glamour that was missing from the first book in the series was very much evident here, but not so much that it took over the book and eclipsed the band members. On the other hand this book was not as gritty as Squire.

I really enjoyed Champion: Indigo Knights 2 which was the typical rise to stardom of a new band and it showed their stumbles and triumphs. The book was well written and the characters were charming and fully fleshed out, even the secondary characters. If you’re wondering why I didn’t rate it higher it’s because I felt that the ending was rushed and manipulated to achieve the HEA. When you read the book perhaps you will understand what I mean since I don’t want to include spoilers.

Definitely recommended.


  • I will be getting this. The only Heaven Sent book I didn’t really care for was Faith. I also thought Reverb was an excellent stand-alone!!

  • Thanks Wave. Sounds like I will be buying this some day. I have to buy Ethan’s new book first. But I will get to this eventually. Thanks for the great review. I know it’s early, but have a great weekend. :skoal:

  • This sounds good. I was/am a big fan of the Heaven Sent series,and Jett Mykles. (Like you, Hell and Brent are my favorites, followed closely by Luc and Reece)! I thought Squire was okay, but I still finished it, mostly because of the glimpses of Hell and Brent. Izzy just seemed really young to me… Anyway, I will be reading this one very soon!

    • If you loved Heaven Sent then you will absolutely love Champion because all of the guys make an appearance in the book, starting with Luc’s and Reese’s wedding. we shouldn’t forget Danny because he’s really great. 🙂

  • Nice review, Wave. I liked most of the Heaven Sent series so I guess this will a safe buy. I’m also guessing I may not be completely satisfied with the ending. But hey, what’s life without a little ‘rock n roll’ 🙂

    • Hi Ebi

      This book is very enjoyable, mainly because Danny is so appealing as a hero as well as the appearances by the guys from Heaven Sent. I hope you like it. As I said in the review, although there was a HEA it left me unsatisfied.

  • I’ve just finished this book and I agree wholeheartedly. I loved Danny and also liked the dynamic between him and Cash. I did wish that we’d had some of the book from Cash’s point of view though because that would have helped he romance to feel less rushed at the end, I think.

    Great review!

    • Thanks Jen. This would have been the perfect book if we had heard from Cash, but he remained a mystery. The scene at the end came out of nowhere and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

  • I wondered about Cash too Jen. Would have liked to know more about his motives and thoughts.
    But all in all I liked this book. Good to see the guys from Heaven Sent back but not that much that they took over the book.

  • Nice review Wave! IMO this book might have benefited from just a bit more…depth? Otherwise a solid effort by Ms. Mykles.

    I liked the amount of exposure to Heaven Sent (looking back to previous books can be iffy) as not too much or too little.

    Also enjoyed the characterizations and how the new band is shaping up, and yes looking forward to what Jet has in mind for the oh-so-interesting Noble lol.

    Fun read and good installment in the band series!

    • As you said Denni, a solid effort by Jet Mykles. I liked this one more than Squire but I was ambivalent about Cash – perhaps because we didn’t get his POV.

      You’re absolutely correct about the band and I’m looking forward to the other stories in this series.


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