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Ethan and Geoff as a writing partnership – what a trip. 🙂 On their own these guys are almost TOO much, but in bed together is not something you want to miss. They fight for everything, including top billing. 😆 I gave Ethan top billing in this interview since Geoff has top billing on the book cover.

Hi Guys. Thanks for taking the time for this short interview before you head off to GRL 2012. I’m interviewing you today because you won’t shut up about the new series you’re launching – Fox – starting with To Catch A Fox. However, before I ask my invasive questions, what have you been doing since I interviewed both of you (separately)!! in 2009, now that you’re rich and famous? [The short version please]. 😀 :afraid:

Geoff: I’ve been splashing my money around like a Trump in heat, blowing my millions on expensive champagne, penthouse suites and hot gay prostitutes from Paris France to Paris Texas! Not that they have penthouse suites in Paris, Texas…but they do have hot boys in cowboy hats (oh bring on GRL!!). In between all that I’ve been busy writing, from gay adventures like Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid; to romance stories like Hotel Pens; to mysteries like Harm’s Way; oh and let’s not forget those naughty little jaunts like Paperboy: Boys of Perfection! 🙂

Ethan: I’ve been an angel – saying my prayers at night before I crawl into bed for sleepy time…where I dream about splashing my money around like a Trump in heat (w/o the f**ked up hair), blowing my millions on expensive champagne, penthouse suites and hot gay prostitutes.

Honestly, when I’m not touching myself inappropriately, I’m writing and working on GRL. After a long dry spell without any new releases last year, I’ve had A Token of Time, Second Time Lucky, Love in La Terraza, & now Fox with Geoff…who I also keep trying to touch inappropriately. Don’t judge people, I’m like a monkey…if it’s dangling there, I’m gonna try to play with it. :whistle:

Geoff: For all those who went to GRL last year, you’ll look at Ethan’s Monkeys-and-Bananas necklace in a WHOLE new light!! Please wear it again this year, please!! In fact, bring me one as well! Pretty please with a banana on top! Oh wait, that would be me.

Ethan: LOL! We’ll have to see how well you behave yourself over the next few weeks, young man.  😀

Why did you want to form a writing partnership and why this series? Was this decision made over several cocktails at GRL 2011 when you couldn’t see straight?

Geoff: Haha! No, we actually decided to do this before GRL 2011. In fact, we had stupid high hopes of having it out BEFORE GRL 2011, but that was a little ambitious of us, because as it turned out, Fox became one of the most ambitious adventures either of us has ever embarked upon. It started with me (mmmm, probably cocktailed up) asking Ethan, “Hey, you wanna write a book together? I have this idea in my head about an innocent old woman like Betty White going into a detective’s office and asking him to teach her everything he knows about detective work…so she can track down someone WITHOUT having to hire a detective and murder him!” I had no idea what the rest of the story was at that stage, I just loved that initial set-up—it’s fun, intriguing and quirky. So I knew I needed someone fun, intriguing and quirky to help me make it the best book it could be. Mmmmmm, let’s see… who comes to mind?

Ethan: When he couldn’t get that guy, he came to me, lol. In actuality, we talked about Fox for well over a year before we even started writing; from there it took us another year and a half to get it finished. There were some challenges due to time zones and we each had real life rear its ugly head during that time to knock us off course. After GRL last year in New Orleans we were both fired up to get this book written. We’re already into the plotting stages of book two, so folks won’t have to wait as long for the continuation. In retrospect, I’m exceedingly thankful he asked me to be a part of this. I learned a great deal from working with Geoff whose imagination truly knows no bounds. I’ve heard some horror stories about co-writing partnerships gone real, real bad. Working on Fox was a great deal of fun for me. Geoff might be scarred, though I tried not to bite too hard.  😀

You’re both very stubborn bullheaded pigheaded strong individuals so how did you resolve any disagreements with plot elements, characterizations etc? Were there boxing gloves or inflatable dolls involved? I heard that Ethan has an entire collection of inflatable dolls because he doesn’t go out much. :blush: (I know it’s difficult since you’re separated by a continent, but one can do just about anything on the Internet). 😆

Geoff: Ethan had to do as he was told. No questions asked! It was always: “Bad idea, Ethan! Go to your room and turn your webcam on now!” Or, “That metaphor sucks, Ethan! Go to your room and turn the webcam on now!” No, but seriously, after his webcam broke I realized that Ethan is above all else SERIOUSLY ORGANIZED! I, however, am not. So with Ethan’s patience and grace I was able to keep up with the plot bunnies that escaped from his brain-hatch like patients from a Halloween asylum…just. Which pretty much meant that I was the sub and he was the Dom. I would say, “What would you like me to write now, sir,” and he would answer, “An action scene, bitch! And make it big!”

Ethan: LMAO! They just don’t make web cams like they used to! Of course Geoff took total advantage of my dangly-bit, fondling fetish. You really can’t trust anyone these days, sheesh!  😀

And yes – it is a sad state of affairs when I’m the organized one in the relationship, lol. That is likely the real reason it took us so long to get the book finished. Amazingly, we didn’t have any disagreements. There were things we both wanted that made it into the book and things we each compromised on because it was right for the story we wanted to tell. Thinking about things from that perspective made most decisions pretty easy.

Geoff, you said that this is how some of your negotiations with Ethan went: 🙂

Geoff: “You shit all over everything I write! I hate working with you!”
Ethan: “Yes, it’s my life’s goal to piss all over everyone else’s dreams.”

Did you guys actually say that?


Ruby and Buddy (Geoff's dogs)

Geoff: Wave, I’ve seen the ugly side! Everyone thinks Ethan is this funny, sweet guy, but I’ve witnessed the truth. He likes to tell children that Santa’s a drunk, at night he dances around his house wearing nothing but a coat made out of Dalmatian puppies, and he thinks that 47% of Americans are lazy tax-evaders…oh no wait, I’m thinking of Mitt Romney. No, Ethan is the opposite of that. He is actually loving and caring and sexy and smart and sexy and organized and sexy! I loved writing this book with him so much; he kept the whole project on track, steered it from beginning to end, and if anyone should have their name first on the book it’s him. But it was his call to put my name first. See, I just can’t win an argument with that boy! [Are you calling Ethan a boy Geoff, now that you’ve seen him nekkid? Does this mean that his man parts are more like boy parts?] 😆 😮

Ethan: In all honesty, I do think Santa could be a drunk. I would be if I had that job! I likely will be if Mitt ends up elected president. Better crack open another bottle of wine now just in case. Practice makes perfect.

I did let Geoff know from the very beginning that I had zero issues having him on top. He’s called me a pushy bottom ever since! :blush:

There are bets on about who drove whom crazy. What’s your take on which writing partner was the most unreasonable? I sense that Ethan is driven while you’re probably more laid back Geoff. Am I right and did that result in hissy fits?

Geoff: I think I drove Ethan crazy, for sure. He has to agree with me on this. We would Skype and he would say, “Okay, so in the scene when Clay reveals this, we need to let the reader know that his motivation is…” and I would be like, “Who’s Clay? What’s the motivation? Oh wait, my dog’s barking at the postman!” I think I definitely drove Ethan up the wall, made him crazy dance on the ceiling like Lionel Ritchie, then had him spider climbing backwards down the other wall like Linda Blair!

Ethan: I laughed a lot. It’s Geoff, so you can’t freak or get mad. I just laughed and shook my head – reminded him why we couldn’t do what he was all excited to do as it would change the entire book and we’d have to go back and rewrite entire chunks. The thing about Geoff is he’ll get so excited and ramped up to do something that it almost makes you want to do it. Unfortunately for him, I was too lazy to go back and rewrite stuff in order to make his dreams come true each time, lol – but he always made me want to say yes. No one’s ever had me wishing I could say, Stick it in! more.  😆 :blush:

What was the most difficult part of working together and what was the most fun?

Geoff: Timezones are tough!!! You learn to work around them, but for the most part, I’m awake when he’s asleep and vice versa. Having said that timezones are the worst part, they’re also the best part, because while he’s sleeping, I can work, and while I’m sleeping, he can work. It’s kinda like shift work. I look better in overalls though.

Ethan: Agreed – on all counts. I also enjoyed the differences in our styles. Geoff is truly fearless. Nothing is off limits with him and it was good for me to be exposed to that and his endless enthusiasm.

Tell me all the juicy details about how you wrote the sex scenes since you’re both very experienced in *ahem* butt sex :blush: :hysterics: as well as writing about it.  Who was the top? (I can see Ethan topping from the bottom.) :hysterics:


Sammie (Ethan's dog)

Geoff: I was the one who put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. I’m very shy, you know. Ethan, you can answer this one!

Ethan: We didn’t write the sex scenes ‘together’. Maybe we can try that on book two!  😆 For book one though, I wrote some of them, as did he. We each eventually went over everything that the other wrote, putting our own stank on it – hopefully that process will make the book feel like it was written by one person.

I can say that his sex scenes always received three thumbs up from me.  :bravo:

Who sat on whom (get your minds out of the gutter boyz) to get the book completed on time, and did you make the deadline despite the fighting?

Geoff: Oh, without a doubt it was Ethan! If I didn’t have Ethan sitting on me (get your minds out of the gutter girlz) this book would have been finished in time for all our grandkids to enjoy! Oh wait, did I just spill the beans that Ethan and I are expecting grandkids? Whoops!  😮

Ethan: LOL! It is a different process working with someone vs. going solo. You can’t just get a wild hair up your butt and start writing. [Did you say “a wild hair up your butt Ethan”? OMG this interview has gone to the dogs, literally. ] :yuck: :cow: It takes extra time plotting and running everything by the other. But the benefit is that you have another opinion to balance and bounce ideas off of. That was a lot of fun for me. Our Fox Skype dates were worth the price of admission alone.  😆 I mean really, I could sit for hours and listen to that dreamy Aussie accent.

Here’s the blurb for To Catch A Fox which I understand is a gay mystery/thriller/action comedy whatever that means. :).

Sex. Murder. Blackmail. Revenge. Life in the Big Easy can be a real bitch.

Meet Jon Fox, a sexy New Orleans private detective with more family secrets than even he knows about. But his latest case is about to bring more to the swampy surface than Fox himself could ever have guessed—

A polite old lady with a plot to murder a stranger;
A mother whose secret sent her insane;
An uncle with complete control over the family empire;
A father whose suicide might once again tear his family apart;
And a hot, handsome, clueless blond with a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yes, meet Jon Fox. A New Orleans private detective whose complicated life…just got a little more complex

What’s the short and skinny on this book? I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it. This is where I get back at you guys with a 1 star review. 😎

Geoff: Hey, it’s worth at least a one and a half! The short and skinny is that it’s about a sexy New Orleans private detective who becomes embroiled in a case of revenge. We can’t say anymore more than that without giving anything away, because this is a mystery jam-packed with subplots, sinister characters and steamy sex!!!

Ethan: And about two guys who become thrown together into a seemingly impossible situation, two men who seem like an unlikely match to anyone looking in. It’s really the stress and strain of the situation they find themselves in that provides a unique opportunity for both – one I don’t think they’d have had otherwise. [Kind of like you two, right guys?] 😛 :forit:


Geoff - trying to look like a top. 🙂

Geoff: Oh that’s such a clever writer’s answer, Ethan! You said that with so much intelligence and authority I wanna read this book straight away! Oh wait, I did already, LOL. But hey, Fox is worth reading again and again, there are so many little clues and hints in it. (Did I oversell that??)

Ethan: I’m not sure, babe – you had me hooked at reading again and again – thoughts of people rereading always get my jockey’s moist. [I heard on the grapevine that just about everything gets your jockeys moist Ethan.] 😕 :blush:

Tell us a bit about A Fox in the Hole the next book in the series? Who came up with that stupid lovely name?

Geoff: Oh, A Fox in the Hole is going to be even better than To Catch a Fox!! What’s it about??? Voodoo. Murder. And hot and handsome zombie sex slaves. We deliberately planted several seeds in the first book that kickstart the mystery of the second book, least of which is the last chapter! (Shhh, don’t leak the spoilers!)

Ethan: We’re gay men – we like putting things into holes, so why not Fox?

Are you excited about the next 9 books? (I’m making an assumption here that you won’t have killed each other after book no. 2). 😎

Geoff: God yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What we have going with Fox and Tucker is hot and funny and unpredictable and full of surprises…just like me and Ethan!

Ethan: We’ve definitely got a three book arc planned at this point. I think we’d both love to take things beyond, assuming people were still interested in reading more.

Last, is there a question you would have loved to answer that I didn’t ask? If so, what is it and what’s the answer? Make it clean. 🙂

Geoff: How well endowed is Ethan? Very! The first pic I saw of him naked was in a National Geographic magazine from 1994 when he spent a year living with a tribe of pygmies in the Amazon. Using bamboo they measured his cock at an impressive 48 inches long. Bamboo measurements can be wildly inaccurate, but if it is true, that’s a bitch of a cock to shoo those Amazon mozzies away from! 😆

Ethan: SUCH a size queen, I swear! It was stories just like that which Geoff used to daze and confuse me, Wave. Before I knew what was happening I’d find myself naked from the waist down, desperately trying to figure out where that dull, achy pain in my ass had come from.  😀 I don’t know what they teach these boys Down Under…maybe it’s the Vegemite?

Geoff: Oh, it’s definitely the Vegemite! I need some to lick off my lips right about now! So tangy and tart, just like Ethan! Mmm-Mmmm! Now turn your webcam on right now, Ethan…you bad boy!

Ethan & Geoff: Thanks guys. This interview is definitely not one I would be proud to show your readers. 🙂 Kidding!!!

The Guys: Thanks Wave!

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  • Thanks TJ!! Yes, I do enjoy a little Ethan rub! And thanks for lending us the keys to the fort, Wave! We promise we won’t burn it down, blow the roof off or scribble on the walls in crayon!

  • Great job on the interview Wave – your comments are as funny as the guy’s answers. And speaking of funny, we all expect Ethan to be all that, but I was surprised that Geoff is actually quite funny too. It seems that Ethan has been rubbing off on you Geoff. I mean, not literally rubbing off, but… you know what I mean. :blush:

    All kidding aside Geoff and Ethan, I am a fan of the work you do individually, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when you got together. I bought the book on Friday and although I’m only part way through, I’m really enjoying the ride so far. Well done. :bravo: :bravo:

  • Hello everyone! My arse is out of bed, better late than never!!! Thanks for all the great comments, and thanks to Wave for such a fun interview – we had a blast answering these questions! 😀

  • Absolutely can’t wait to read this one! You guys are amazing and I can’t wait to see you “in action” in Albuquerque! 😉

  • I’ll have to read the book after this. Thanks for the great interview Wave, Ethan & Geoff. If the book is half as fun, it’ll be a joy to read 😀

  • That was really the most difficult part for me K. – mainly becuase I require constant ego-strokage from Geoff and he wasn’t there for me! I’m soooo needy! ; )

    It was a lot fun working with him, Kaje though he is a crazy man…always wanting to blow shit up!

    We both really hope everyone likes the book. It is meant to be pure entertainment, and I’m crossing my fingers we suceeded on that score. I think it’s a pretty fun ride. : )


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