Reviewer Announcement

Good morning and Happy Monday!  Aunt Lynn here. I hope those of you in Sandy Frankenstorm’s path are being safe.

In an effort to keep up with the plethora of books being published in this little ol’ genre of ours, we’re always keeping our eye out for talent to join our family here at Gay Book Reviews. Wave and I are pleased to announce that Barb Manning has agreed to begin reviewing for us. Look for her reviews soon, and she’ll be posting probably once or twice a month, depending on her schedule. Here is a little about her in her own words:

An original Georgia girl, I have great respect for tradition, as well as the vision to encompass change. My education is broad-based. I have a undergraduate degree in history, with a minor in English. I studied Middle Eastern History in graduate school.Currently, my passions are web design and romance review writing. I’m also a Pinterest junkie.

Help me welcome Barb to the madness.


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