What It Means to be a Young Gay American in this Election

One of the reasons I asked Cody Hecht to be a guest columnist on this site is that I wanted the voice of  a young adult gay person to open our minds to some of the issues affecting GBLTQ youth. As you know, this site is not really political although I express my own views about same sex marriage (pro) whenever an opportunbity arises 🙂 However Cody has written the following post expressing how he feels about the upcoming election in the US, which is definitely political, and that is his right. He has always impressed me as someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. Here’s his opinion piece:


              This election is of extreme importance for the future of gay rights in this country.  We have two vastly different candidates, one who supports us and one who loathes us. The very future of gay civil right hangs on this election, and that’s why I will be supporting Barack Obama. In this article I hope to convince you that you should too.

                It is a sad state of affairs when the issue of human rights is on the ballot in 2012. This should be something that is in the past, but it is not. We have a candidate that is so dangerously against us that he says things like “I didn’t even know you had families” and laughs. He wants to put in the constitution that marriage is only between a man and a woman, essentially destroying the fight for equal marriage rights and any progress that had been made will be wiped out.  In every possible situation Mitt has sided against gays, and that man running the country is an absolutely terrifying prospect for me.

                Barack Obama has been almost completely the opposite. While I wish he would have done even more to advance the gay rights agenda, I am still extremely thankful for what he has done and said. Obama repealed DADT, and just recently came out in support of gay marriage. He was the first sitting president to do this, which I believe is a huge step towards marriage equality.  And he also made it so people could see their same-sex partners in the hospital.

                Barack Obama is also a better choice for young people in general. He doubled the amount of Pell Grants and increased the amount of money in student loans. His Obamacare program assures that adult children remain on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26.

                Many people agree with Mitt Romney on a myriad of other issues besides gay rights such as tax policy, job creation, the deficit, abortion, etc. While these issues may be of extreme importance to you, I just want you to think of the discriminatory, hateful, evil policies you are also voting for if you cast a vote for Mitt Romney.


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  • Sirus, I’ve heard several immigrants/Americans-by-choice talk about socialism…they all say EXACTLY what you mentioned above.

    I’d love more discussion on this issue, there’s a huge difference between what should be and how reality works (especially after the courts muck it up). Unfortunately, the the server is being impossible 😥

  • Mary said, “…Church & state need to be separate. Religion shouldn’t make rules for everyone…”

    Frankly I think many churches would agree, and feel they are fighting for their personal space also. Because while Cody (and many, many others) are defending their right to their own bodies and actions, practical experience tells us regulation will not remain there.

    Just one law-suit, and the weight of the federal government will force doctrine changes that churches were promised would never happen.

    Surely there’s a sensible middle ground that allows individuals and organizations BOTH to maintain their rights, beliefs, and dignity?

    • You know, I am not a single issue voter at all,not that I see anything wrong with voting certain way if something specific is of the utmost importance to you.I know of course you did not say that there is anything wrong with it. I will also say that I am dissappointed beyond belief with where President Obama took american economy. I am a registered Democrat, but seriously I left socialism behind me when I immigrated to US and have no desire to see America move further and further to embrace economical ideas which remind me so very badly of what I left behind hopefully forever.

      Having said all that, I will never ever support the candidate who thinks that one group of people deserves to be treated worse than other groups of people and somehow their family life, their marriage needs to be forbidden on the federal level. I will never support the candidate who thinks that it is his business what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Obviously I realize that part is part of the official platform of the republican party, but at the same time I usually vote for the democratic ideas rather than specific person.

      I am the pessimist though and predict Romney will win. Too many people around me are extremely disappointed about economics, feel that Obama is strangling businesses with humongous taxes and this is in New York, which as far as I know always votes democratic.

      Thanks for the post Cody, I hope to be wrong and to be surprised.

  • Single issue voters…gotta love them. And the young (of course), because they are so uncluttered by life and politics.

    Thank you Cody for hosting this discussion. I tried to log in yesterday…were/are there server issues again? I keep getting 404 errors and long delays.

    Unfortunately, this is not a single issue election…federal elections rarely are. 1. The annual interest alone on our debt exceeds our annual GNP (Gross National Product)…this would be like your checking account fees exceeding the paycheck you deposit. Therefore you would be buying food, transportation, and shelter on your credit card with no income to pay the bill. 2. Great effort has gone into making the economy appear more recovered than it is. Banks own over 5 million homes nationwide, those are merely the repossessions, not short/distressed sales. The mortgage industry is still a mess, employment numbers are fudged (along with fuel prices and several other economic indicators) to make everything look rosy and optomistic for the election. 3. College education costs continue to skyrocket, making higher education impossible for increasing numbers of Americans…additional shrinkage of the middle class. I could go on at much greater length, but that’s a different soapbox.

    Personally, I don’t wish to see anyone’s sexuality regulated on the federal level. An independent and states-rights sort of person, I prefer regional laws to federal. Here in Washington state, a citizens initiative ballot over ten years ago banned ‘discrimination for or against anyone based on race, religion, orientation, etc, etc, etc….”. In daily application, the only thing currently missing is the actual marriage license. And frankly there’s as much (or more) discussion as to why the government is sanctioning (or not sanctioning) marriage at all.

    It’s much easier to be closed minded when it’s ‘those weirdos over yonder’ than when it’s your local friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Those people you already know and like.

  • Even though I’m in Canada it scares me that Romney would be a huge step back in time for gay & women’s rights. When people mention that the economy & jobs may be more important, I say you won’t convince me that some rich dude has the pulse of the majority of Americans who are mostly hardworking &/or poor. Good luck people. I’m hoping & praying that people will see through the slick persona. Church & state need to be separate. Religion shouldn’t make rules for everyone.

  • I am the queer pagan mother of queer pagan children.
    This election is going to determine whether we are seen as really American or even human.

    Gay rights are definitely on the table. There are states with marriage amendments on the ballot, and the public still hates us by a margin of at least 2 to 1. (Here in Arkansas, ours passed with 85% approval)

    Cody, good to see you getting active. Because your generation, my kids’ generation, is going to have to pay for the mistakes of the previous decade.

    Most of us in this field are women, most of whom possess ladybits. Please note, the Republicans want to define yours as public property. They have tried passing over 1000 laws at the local levels in the last 4 years to do just this. Everything from prohibiting the removal of a dead fetus (after all cows and pigs expel automatically) to jailing (mostly poor) women (mostly of color) for miscarriages.

    If you are one of the 98% of women who use birth control, remember the Republicans want to “get rid of” planned Parenthood. Roe and Griswold both are in the crosshairs.

    Most of us are older or are caring for aging parents. Remember, the Right wants to kill Social Security and Medicare… Because they work. My mom doesn’t need to be handed a voucher and sent out to shop for her own insurance! Not after working for 50 years of her life! Let her rest, knowing she’s taken care of.

    But if you’re making a half million a year, maybe your money will protect you from the “consequences” of being gay or female or trans or whatever. Maybe.

  • Yes, social issues is a defining issue in this election. I wish all youth would be more motivated to get involved in the political process.

  • It’s great to see young people exercise their right to vote. It’s even better to have them vote based on issues that they have put real thought toward rather than vote based on others opinions.


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