The Hot Floor

hot floorTitle: The Hot Floor
Author: Josephine Myles
Cover Artist: Lou Harper
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance / Ménage / BDSM ( mild )
Length: Novel
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Raunchy sex shared by a hot sweet threesome exploring what felt like a real relationship.


Two plus one equals scorching hot fun.

Dumped by his boyfriend and reduced to living in a grotty bedsit, Josh Carpenter has gotten used to expecting the worst. Now he lives only for his job as a glassblower…and occasional glimpses of his sexy downstairs neighbors, Rai Nakamura and Evan Truman.

Every time he overhears the diminutive academic and the hunky plumber having loud and obviously kinky sex, Josh is overwhelmed with lust…and a longing for a fraction of what they have.

To his amazement, Rai and Evan find his embarrassing tendency to blush utterly charming, and the three men grow closer over the course of the long, hot summer. Despite Rai’s charming flirtation and Evan’s smouldering gaze, Josh is determined never to break his new friends’ loving bonds.

On the night a naked Josh falls—quite literally—into the middle of one of Rai and Evan’s marathon sex sessions, the force of their mutual attraction takes control. But just as Josh dares to hope, he senses a change. Leaving him to wonder if the winds of love are about to blow his way at last…or if history is about to repeat itself.

Product Warnings
Contains one well-endowed stud with a sexy accent, one improbably toppy bottom boy with an unfortunate owl obsession, and one blushing naïf who can’t believe his luck. Also, the occasional indulgence in mathematical spanking and some shameless armpit sex.


Josephine Myles’ writing has real energy and a whole heap of originality. Being a native and used to the vernacular I actually don’t always get thrilled by the over emphasised Brit lit that is understandably popular at the moment. However this very up close and personal erotic romance was a lot of fun.

There is a slightly raw, over the top almost slap stick edge to the sexuality shown here that I found unusual. Occasionally it was as if a porn film plot was escaping the screen and making a break for an unexpectedly tender every day reality. This is really delivered enthusiastically by the well developed main characters. I find it rare that a threesome works emotionally but there was some real very Brit, generally inarticulate, blokey affection going on here that developed enjoyably. The sex was soaked in sweat hot and somehow a touch dirty, even given that it involved a lot of plumbing humour….. Yet this playful shagfest somehow also allowed the characters to change and grow during the book.

Josh’s somewhat diffident but appealing personality is the nearly innocent abroad, as he overcomes his insecurities to live the sexual fantasy he almost didn’t dare articulate even to himself. His often hesitant but persistent first person narration is a mix of the insecure and the funnily ingenuous. His companions in this skin flick are both attractively distinctive. Rai and Evan have interesting lives away from the squeaky mattress and it is completely understandable why Josh finds their existing relationship so seductive.

The normal ordinariness of the story worked really well set in the slightly shabby back streets on the working edge of Bath’s historical charms. These messy post education years seemed really familiar. I enjoyed the details of Josh’s glass blowing job, a mix of craft and art, that is more important to him than he perhaps likes to show, given his frequent use of molten metaphors. His interactions with his boss and work mate Dylan added another element to his personality.

This is a simple enough boy meets boys story and could have easily slid into a bland PWP. Yet while sexually robust not to say explicit, it is also funny and just shows a lot of heart. Rai and Evan’s highly coloured sexuality floods Josh’s life with a particular kind of unexpected pleasure. What good sweaty fun!



  • I loved this book a lot too! In fact I have been going through an MMM reading phase and this one is on my top three books that I have enjoyed. It was fun, hot and a bit romantic, so yeah i liked it.

    • Oh please share your top 3 Mercedes, enquiring minds need to know. Of course this will probably involve me spending money……

      This one was really fun read for me, pleased you felt the same. 😀

      • Sure, no problem. I also liked The Strongest Shape which I think is a classic in this genre. I would say those are my top two.
        Then I would say Out of Focus by LA Witt.

        I think I like my MMMs best when the MCs can only have sex when they are all together. It seems more even to me although it is probably not practical.

        I wished there were more books in this cat. I haven’t found any newer releases since the Hot Floor.

        • I really like The Strongest Shape too, it’s one of my comfort rereads. 😀 I’ll check out the LA Witt, thank you.

          Other variations on threesomes – If you like BDSM, Room at the Top is good.Also I love Dark Horse very much but it’s not to all tastes as its full of angst and introspection. 😮

  • I enjoyed this one quite a bit – a little too much sex for me, but as you said – funny and with a lot of heart. Thanks for the review.

    • I seem to enjoy Jo Myles’ books even more on the second read through. I found the sweetness came through more then too. I was really pleased to get this one for review. Glad you enjoyed it too.


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