New Author Flash Portrait – Brad Boney

Last week I invited new M/M authors to submit a short flash portrait of themselves and their book covers so that readers could get to know them and their work. The first author to accept my invitation was Brad Boney who is like a newly minted coin having written one novel, The Nothingness of Ben, which was released on November 23rd by Dreamspinner Press. When I read Brad’s portrait I couldn’t stop smiling and I realized why Dreamspinner accepted his manuscript.

As always with author profiles I don’t ask the questions the way I do in interviews, you get that pleasure. Please feel free to ask Brad any questions about his writing or even about himself – I get the sense he’s not shy. 🙂 Here’s Brad’s portrait:


A gay guy enters stage right. Another gay guy enters stage left.


“Hey, what’s up?”

“Nada. Have you heard about this Brad Boney?”

“I’ve seen the name on Twitter. Some old guy, right?”

“Yeah. He just wrote this romance novel that only straight women read. I heard it’s like 90% dialogue.”

“Weird. So he wrote about a guy and a chick?”

“No, he wrote about two dudes. It’s like #9 on Amazon’s gay & lesbian best sellers list, but supposedly gay guys don’t actually read it.”

“That’s because gay guys don’t actually read. Our eyes are too tired from all the porn we watch. Amazon lumps gay & lesbian books together on the same list?”


“That’s disconcerting.”

“I know. Guess what’s #8?”


“Montgomery Clift’s biography.”

“Please tell La Lohan not to remake A Place in the Sun. Did you see Liz & Dick?”

“I thought it was genius.”

“You would.”

“Did you ever hear the story about the time Monty got gang fucked on a pool table in some bar?”

“And I have a friend who gave Jake Gyllenhaal a blow job in an LA parking garage. You are so naïve. What’s the name of this book?”

The Nothingness of Ben. The title’s from Thomas Wolfe.”

“Sounds pretentious.”

“I probably won’t read it. Let’s get a drink and go dancing instead.”


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