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Last week I profiled Brad Boney on the site. He was our first new M/M author introduced in this short series and I think both he and the readers had a lot of fun with the questions. This week Jackie Nacht is on the hot seat. Jackie writes mostly short stories therefore many of you who like novels may not have heard of her. This is your opportunity to meet Jackie and ask her any questions to which you would like to know the answers. Below, Jackie re-enacts the scene that spurred her into a writing career. I never realized that Pina Coladas were so powerful.  😆 –


Conversation seven months ago with my sister, after a very failed attempt at mixing Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris.  (Author’s note:  We still drank them.)

“This movie is so bad, it’s good,” Sis said while speed-typing the likes of which you have never seen.

“That doesn’t even make sense.”  I look up at the screen while working on my own computer. “Those guys got those glasses from the dollar store.”

“And the necklaces, too. Hey, what are you writing? Are you on FB messaging me from across the room again?”  Sis starts long-necking.

“Yep. No one listens to us anyway except Dev…Dev always listens.” I take a quick peek at my FB and, sure enough, there she is. Awesome. “No, seriously, I’m writing something.”

“Show me.”

“No way!”  I try to cover the computer with my body—like that would actually stop her.

“Will you at least let me know what it’s about?”

“It’s a LGBTQ YA where there’s two endings, so everyone who reads Kale’s Spirit will get their happily ever after.” I shrug.

“Like a ‘choose your own adventure’?”

“Kind of, but more of a fork. I just got sick of losing, you know?”

“What are you talking about?” Sis is looking at me like I’ve lost my ever luvin’ mind.

“I’ve always picked the wrong team when it comes to YA books. I’m O for the count. There need to be books where you don’t have to burn your team t-shirt at the end.”

“Please don’t tell me…you have a t-shirt?” Sis gasps. Smart ass.

“Not anymore! All those teenage girls laughing and pointing at the mall. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Shaking her head solemnly, Sis says, “That’s brutal.”

I nod in agreement. “I know. Then, I just finished an adult M/M, Taming Sweet Puck, which is based on the character Puck from Midsummer’s.”

Sis points at me in accusation. “You’re blushing.  Sheesh, did you cover your eyes when you wrote the sex scenes?”

“Nope, just covered my head in a hoodie and pulled my sweatshirt over my nose. Can’t type and cover my eyes, silly.” How ridiculous.

“Wait a minute.  How many books have you done?”

“Four. A young adult titled See and another adult M/M short.”

“Four! And I didn’t know about this because…”

“You’re the writer, I’m the rapper.” I snorted.  Yep, I’m a snorter—very sexy.

“Quit quoting Scary Movie 3. And we can’t sing—we’re both tone deaf.”

Trying to evade the question, I get up as Sis steals my computer and proceeds to read my first chapter. I didn’t want to watch her read it. Who would? So I went to get another Pina Colada minus the strawberry…mmm better.

Coming back in, I snatch my computer back and grumble, “Thief.”

“Seriously, submit those… All they can do is say no.”

Just thinking about it has me shaking head to toe. I get the urge to down the Pina Colada as fast as possible.  Wait…can’t do that—I’d get a major brain freeze. “Okay, let me polish them and see if our GRL buddy will edit it, and if she thinks go for it, then I’ll go for it. She’ll tell me the truth.” With that, I start laughing and point at the television. “Look! Those vampires have tan lines!”


Standing up, I go over to the television and proceed to frame the tan lines like it’s the next showcase. “Those vampires have tan lines. How do you have a tan line when you can’t go into the sun?”

“Like I said, this movie is so bad, it’s gooood. By the way, you’re writing one with me, too.”


Thank you Jessewave and Aunt Lynn for the honor of being on your blog today.


Jackie Nacht

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  • Thanks Sirius. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s kind of funny how the wolves got a twist in the book. I actual started writing it where they do turn into werewolves then I threw the whole thing out. I love shifter stories but it wasn’t working. 😆 I kept picturing this pup (the one from the Frozen Planet series)in my head for Kale-the two of them learning and gaining confidence together. Then, the common quotes popped into my head, ‘Animals can sense evil and dogs are a man’s best friend.’ Then I figured why not evolve that to another level…If I go too much further I might give it away but I hope that answers your question 😀 Thanks for the question Sirius.

  • Hi Jackie, I enjoyed Kale’s spirit quite a lot. I really liked what you did with wolves in that book. Could you tell what inspired you to twist kind of familiar element into what happens in your book? I was soooo expecting werewolves :). Thanks.

    • Yes, that series will be written in first person. My current YA’s are written in the first person but I have a couple YA works in progress that are in third. All my adult M/M are written in the third person and I don’t forsee writing in the first person for any of those. I know first person is a love/hate relationship with a lot of readers but I felt that with the interactive ending, first person worked better for that particular series. 🙂

  • In reference to Kale’s Spirit – in the new series, are all of them going to have a choose your own ending?

    • Yes all of the Fork In the Road books will have an interactive ending. They are not as easy to write but my goal is to have one every four months starting next year. I really have to balance the characters so they don’t lean one way or the other. That way the reader gets the chance to pick who they want and not who I nudged them toward:D The next one is January 1st, A Snowy Winter Path. I do have a YA LGBTQ coming out Dec 15th titled See and that one is not interactive. Only one HEA 😀

  • Woke up too late (because I went to bed too late. Had a Long Island Iced Tea last night and it took me a bit too long too travel back to Oregon. I’m thinking I missed this. Great story about you and Stephani.

    • Thanks Theresa! I’ m glad you enjoy them.
      Next Year I have quite a bit coming up bookwise. I have another interactive ending YA coming out January titled, A Snowy Winter Path at Devine Destinies. Then, Steph and I have book two of the Latitude series. February is Cupids and Mistletoes. March I’ll be in my first antho with Steph and VJ Summers titled Three Degrees of Heat. There’s a lot more but I don’t have pub dates yet…Axles story, the brother from Taming and a couple stand alones. I’m really excited about it all:D


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