Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Aunt Lynn here, sitting in my kitchen, sipping a soy chai latte, faithful Muggs by my side…and thinking about supper.  For some people today is about football; others it is a day of making resolutions; still others it’s about getting rid of the hangover from last night’s revelry.  For me, it’s about food, which is pretty typical.

I may live in Berkeley, but I am a Pittsburgh girl through and through.  My extended family always got together on New Year’s Day to have a meal of pork and sauerkraut, a Pennsylvania tradition for good luck in the coming year (the pig’s rooting signifying moving forward).  It’s funny, we always did Italian stuff for the other hols, but for January 1, we went Dutch/German/Slovak.

I hated sauerkraut growing up. My brother and I were forced to eat one strand (my sister loved it…and prunes too, from a young age, the weirdo) or we couldn’t leave the table.  As an adult I’ve come to appreciate the yummy sour cabbage crunchiness and since I moved to California, we’ve kept it up.  Our friends have termed it the White Meal: pork tenderloin roasted in a halo of sauerkraut, with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, and soft dinner buns on the side.  I’ve already planned my dinner, shopped yesterday, took out my pans, cut my taters, but somehow I neglected to pick up buns, something I will deal with as soon as the store opens…

What New Years good luck traditions do you have?


  • Sauerkraut and pork for good luck? 😯 I’d have never guessed…
    I love sauerkraut, which makes me a bit of a cliché I’m afraid (though I hate pork!)

    We have New Year’s Pretzels here, too. They’re made of sweet yeast dough and strewn with sugar. You’re supposed to share one with your lover for good luck.

  • Aunt Lynn, We do German/Slovak too. Pork, Kielbassi & sauerkraut with mashed potatoes. And a New Year’s pretzel. I’m from Kennywood area.

    Diane S. from the ‘Burgh

    • Penn Hills for me. Haven’t been to the park since before I left; the day we moved there was the “tornado.” Need to go back and get my fries and my coaster fix…

  • Since my father passed away I don’t follow family traditions anymore.
    Among my New Year’s resolutions, I will not allow toxic people in my life. I won’t be polite and calmly accept criticism from family and friends who will never understand my lifestyle, but are always pending of what I’m doing or not doing, and if something goes wrong, they will be there to remind me that it happens because God doesn’t approve the way I chose to live my life.
    So, I’m officially the most antisocial creature on Earth, but I’m happy and free.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Fred and I celebrate New Year’s Eve with a quiet lobster at home and then out for dancing. For New Year’s day, it is a rib roast with a couple of family members and after dinner, we undecorate the house to officially end the holiday season.

  • Raine
    How is it your weather is so different from Leslie’s?

    I can’t stomach the thought of food after my very late night. I still haven’t been to bed.

    The only way I eat pork now is either in ham or bacon, and “sauerkraut?” not my thing. lol However it all sounds delicious and I’m sure it will sound even better in about 6 hours.

    • I live in North Yorks and the weather can be different in my village from that in the town 6 miles away where my mum lives….when I say different I mean wetter, colder and foggier …you can actually see a line across the road sometimes. Sorry Wave but you know me and the weather :grumble: …..but hey we saw the sun today!

  • No traditions; just deep hopes for an early spring and pleeeeaassee some decent weather….how awfully British that sounds……

    Have a very Happy New Year and I hope your meal is delicious.

  • I just realised I don’t have any New Years traditions! Usually I celebrate my niece’s birthday — she is six today — but as she’s on holidays with the rest of my extended family in New Zealand (I couldn’t get leave from work… 🙁 ) I’ll have to wait another two weeks for that.

    But I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year, and that 2013 brings happiness to you and the people you love.

  • In my neck of the woods, the traditional meal is collards greens, black-eyed peas, and ham hock. The store was sold out of peas, so I’m substituting, and being vegetarian rules out ham. Oh well, I tried!


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