Recommended Reads — December 2012

Here is the list of Recommended Reads for December 2012 (Sammy had a great month!). If there are incorrect links or something I missed, please leave a comment in the post. Enjoy!

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit by Amy Lane — 5 stars (Sammy)
Blood on the Mountain by P.D. Singer — 5 stars (Jenre)
I Spy Something Christmas by Josh Lanyon — 5 stars (Tj)
Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox — 5 stars (Sammy)
Homo Action Love Story: A Tall Tale by Ben Monopoli — 4.75 stars (Sirius)
Rentboy by Fyn Alexander — 5 stars (Sammy)
Dark Space by Lisa Henry — 5 stars (Sammy)
He Is Worthy by Lisa Henry — 5 stars (Cryselle)
The Boys and the Bees by Mari Donne — 4.75 stars (Raine)
The Road to Byron by Isabelle Rowan — 5 stars (Sammy)
From Out in the Cold by L.A. Witt — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
An Immovable Solitude by S.A. McAuley — 4.75 stars (Feliz)

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  • How do you do it Sammy? I’m so jealous. 🙂 Some months I can barely eke out one 5 star book – in November I had none. I have to look more closely at your selection process and follow suit. Damn!! 😆 Great job.


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