A Knitter in His Natural Habitat

A Knitter in His Habitat (Cover)Title: A Knitter in His Natural Habitat
Author: Amy Lane
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Amazon: Buy Link Knitter in His Natural Habitat (Knitting Series)
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary
Length: 212 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Barb Manning

Review Summary: A great romance about yarn and knitting, secret identities and hot young men in love.


Stanley Shulze’s life took a turn at a knitting shop and came to an abrupt stop. He’s having fun with his friend-with-benefits Craw in the bathroom until Craw meets the love of his life. Stanley’s left high and dry and wondering where his next bang is going to come from. Suddenly, Johnny walks in and Stanley has to make some choices. Is he going to go back to his wild party life in Boulder’s gay scene, limited though it may be; or, is he going to take a chance at real love?

Granby Knitting Series


A Knitter in His Habitat by Amy Lane is a romance novel that details Stanley Schulze’s search for love after his friend and part-time hook-up, Craw finds the love of his life. Stanley is working in a yarn shop, Ewe’ll Love This– not exactly a hot-bed of gay romance and while he used to play the gay scene in Boulder that’s starting to get old.

If you’ve read any of Lane’s books in the past then you know that she is a great writer. Her best stories are full of emotional angst and sometimes physical pain. A Knitter in His Habitat is not angst-filled; the book has some tense moments, but this is light fare for Lane.

Lane tells great stories and this is no exception. I can almost envision Stanley puttering around the yarn shop telling his customers about the different types of yarn available. I can see the pole-axed expression on his face when he first lays eyes on Johnny.

Lane knows how to turn a phrase. She has a clear writing voice and excellent style. The characterizations in A Knitter in His Habitat are good. Secondary characters such as chunky Alice, the owner of the yarn shop, her daughter, Candace, and the very pregnant, hospital bed-confined Ariadne are all strong characters who lend their own flavor to the story. Craw and his boyfriend, Ben also add some interesting spice to Stanley and Johnny’s love story.

Lane takes time to build up the relationship between Stanley and Johnny; two dramatically different men. Stanley lost his family when he outed himself as a young man, while Johnny has some dark secrets in his past; secrets that might cost him and Stanley a great deal if they’re not careful. Johnny appears more cautious than Stanley, and with good reason. Still, he also seems more eager for a long-term, committed romance.

The road to sexual bliss builds slowly, with such a fine tension, that I was waiting anxiously for the first kiss. Nevertheless, there’s no lack of heat; the passion is very evident. Stanley and Johnny are definitely hot for each other. It’s clear though that they both want something other than a forgettable roll in the sack. Lane knows how to build relationships and Stanley and Johnny’s story is no exception. Their road to love and romance may be a hazardous one, but the journey is well worth it. I loved A Knitter in His Habitat. I may even take up knitting again; I forgot what fun it can be!


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  • I can always expect great writing from Amy Lane! :hug: Enjoyed the rest of this series, but had been on the fence about Stanley’s story. Your review knocked me off the fence (why do I even attempt to resist Amy?) so I’ll submit gracefully and add it to my next :reading1: buy list

  • This is the only book I have read by Amy Lane that I didn’t love. It went down hill for me when Johnny told his secret to Stanley and next thing you know, Stanley is telling all his friends! I get that Stanley needed advice or support from his friends, but that was a pretty important and dangerous secret to be spreading far and wide!
    Maybe I took the story too seriously and didn’t suspend my disbelief enough but I couldn’t get past Stanley being a blabbermouth.

  • Thanks for your review Barb.
    I really loved this one very much, too. Just like the other books in this series. 🙂


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