Luck of the Irish

LuckoftheIrishTitle: >Luck of the Irish
Author: Cindy Sutherland
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Art: Brian R. Williams
Buy link:
Genre: contemporary m/m romance
Length: Novella (169 pdf pages)
Rating: 3 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Feliz

Summary Review: A sweet, straightforward boy-meets-boy romance.

The Blurb: Quinn Donovan needs a change to get over a broken heart, so when he finds out his father wants some new horses from Ireland, he jumps at the opportunity. He has always dreamed of going abroad. But when he gets there, his first meeting with breeder Cian O’Reilly is a disaster—on both sides.

Ever since his parents abandoned him, Cian has lived with his grandfather, raising horses. He has no expectation of ever being happy and believes family has to come first. Then his second meeting with Quinn turns his first impression on its head, and they discover they have a lot in common. But their time together has an expiry date: they live on different continents, and Cian can’t leave any more than Quinn can stay.

The Review:

If you’d ask me to sum up this book in one word, “wholesome” is what comes to my mind first of all. Everything and everyone in here was just so nice: the main characters, two sympathetic, handsome, young guys; their accepting friends and supportive families; the bucolic Irish countryside; even the random people they encountered in pubs and hotels were all open-minded and cheered the couple along. The same goes for the actual relationship between Quinn and Cian which, after the little hiccup of their very first encounter, went just smoothly from mutual attraction to spiritual kinship to commitment.

Cian and Quinn are just sweet, either of them as a person and together as a couple. They take their time to get to know each other, they talk, they share. Oh yes, they act on their mutual attraction every chance they get (they’re both male and in their early twenties, after all), but they’re always responsible adults about it, be it when it comes to being safe, or being considerate about each other’s well-being even in the throes of passion, or taking turns in who does who. They love their families, they love horses, they take their obligations to their families and friends seriously. That’s about as deep as characterization goes here, with a little added detail about their respective pasts and dreams for their future(s).

The supportive characters are mostly just that, supportive, of Quinn’s and Cian’s respective professional ambitions as well as their relationship. There’s much love in both families, some family members even go so far as to help Cupid along when it comes to the boys. It’s an ideal, desirable world in which Cian and Quinn get to live, a world where their romantic relationship can thrive.

There’s a pleasant absence of floridness in the writing style. It’s a little distant, mostly tell instead of show, and easy to read. It fits the story well.

All in all, this is a nice read, pleasantly low on angst, set in an all-around gay-friendly, idyllic, positive world.

Recommended if you’re in the mood for something easy and sweet.



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