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blurb 1Last week in my post Changing the Page  I asked you for suggestions about what new elements you would like to see on the site. Linda C suggested that, in addition to our regular reviews, readers should be given a place to post their recommendations for books they have read in the past month. Here’s part of what she said:

It might be interesting to see a weekly or monthly post asking what readers have read during the week/month that they feel are 4 or star reads. As you said, there are so many m/m books being published and so few reviewers that it would be interesting to post 4 or 5 stars books that the readers have read during a that period of time that have not been reviewed. It’s not a review but are suggestions that readers could check out.

So tomorrow, Christian is setting up a forum for readers called, as if you couldn’t guess because we’re so imaginative :), Readers’ Forum, which you can access from the link on the right hand sidebar by the same name.  Every month you will be able to recommend books on this thread to your fellow readers. I have expanded the purpose a bit to make it your new place to call home where you can talk about books, what you liked about your faves, what you didn’t like, or just hang out and talk about books in general.

Please let me know how this is working for you and how we can make improvements, if any.



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