When Past Comes to Present (Beckett Investigations #1)

Title: When Past Comes to Present (Beckett Investigations #1)
Author: R.G. Green
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: suspense, mystery, drama
Length: novel (200 pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: a thrilling suspense story with a good mystery.


Three years ago, private detective Tyler Beckett gained unwanted fame when he found evidence that sent murderer Miles Trubett to prison. Now, three years later, Tyler enjoys a successful business and a happy home life, even if he can’t quite make himself ask his lover, Sean St. Claire, to move in permanently. But when a pushy journalist comes to him with the case of a gay man’s apparent suicide, Tyler finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. The ultimatum: investigate or risk losing the support of the gay community. His reluctant acceptance of the case is only the beginning of the difficulties he will face, however, as he soon discovers Trubett is on the loose and intent on revenge—and Tyler is not his only target.

Soon, unforeseen circumstances bring Tyler’s ex, Scott, back into his life. The disruption Scott causes in his relationship with Sean leaves Tyler struggling with more than the risk of retribution. As the physical and emotional threats mount, Tyler must figure out how to protect Sean without losing him—to Trubett or the emotional upheaval that occurs when past comes to present.

Beckett Investigations


Tyler is a successful private investigator who seems to have it all – a successful job, an amazing lover; Sean, and a generally good life. Then one day a pushy (think Bitch) reporter with a really bad attitude shows up (someone should really kick her hard) and things change. She blackmails Tyler and his work partner Mark into investigating the apparent suicide of James Carroway and then things change.

You see, three years ago, Tyler was instrumental in putting away a pretty nasty piece of s… erh… murderer. A murderer who is now on the loose. Things start colliding pretty fast when Trubett – the murderer – starts actively hunting Tyler.

Matters are further complicated when Scott, Tyler’s ex – that one ex that still has a special place in his heart – returns. Suddenly, Tyler must not only solve a mystery, but he must keep the people he loves safe as well.

When Past Comes to Present reminded me of some of the mainstream mystery/suspense novels that are both creepy and detailed and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The mystery itself is one that slowly builds and expands. The reader is drawn in and is just as frustrated and scared as Tyler is sometimes. Most of the story is told from Tyler’s 3rd person POV, alternated with some of Trubett’s. Those POV’s are just downright nasty!

The writing is good, but not solid. There are some mistakes here and there, both in Trubett’s arrogance and in the ‘treatment’ of the subplot of James Carroway’s apparent suicide. At the start of the story, it seemed this was going to be the main mystery, but it’s snowed over with Trubett’s arrival. While it doesn’t make the story bad, it does take away from it. On the other hand, the story is not rushed and the writing is detailed, making it so the reader gets a good idea of the world Tyler lives in and what is going on in his head without overdoing it.

As I said, the story is told from Tyler’s POV. He becomes the main protagonist with Trubett as the main antagonist. Those are two are the most fleshed out. While the other characters, such as Sean and Mark, are not just innocent bystanders in the story, they are not as well developed. Sean is a constant presence at Tyler’s side and I liked his calmness, but the reader does not get a real insight into who Sean is, other than bits and pieces.

When Past Comes to Present certainly is not a bad story, otherwise I wouldn’t have given it 4 stars. The relationship between Tyler and Sean is very beautiful to read. They fit together (like my grandmother said: like two peas in a pot). They complement each other and I loved the hot steamy – did I mention detailed – scenes between them. In that regard, the story starts with a bang and ends with one. It’s guaranteed to make your screen melt!

When Past Comes to Present is a good story for those readers who like to mix their mystery with a bit of romance and are not afraid of a creepy killer on the loose. If you want to find out if Tyler and Sean stay together or if Scott changes things between them or if you want to find out mystery that is Trubett and what makes him tick then When Past Comes to Present certainly is a story for you!

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