Aiden’s Luck (Seattle Stories #3)

Title: Aiden’s Luck (Seattle Stories #3)
Author: Con Riley
Cover artist: Anne Cain
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Genre: contemporary gay romance
Length: 326 pages
Rating: 4 stars out  of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: Its not you Aiden, it is me!


Seattle Stories: Book Three
House-sitting for a friend is supposed to be a lucky break for Aiden Daly. Discovering his new housemate is the image of his first crush turns it into a nightmare. Marco de Luca is obviously interested in being more than housemates, but his resemblance to Aiden’s ideal man seems only skin-deep. Besides, Aiden doesn’t date.
Since his adoptive father’s suicide, Aiden’s first priority has been supporting his remaining family—and shielding them from the truth of their financial situation. Deeply concerned for his mother’s mental health, Aiden remains closeted and lonely, convinced that bad luck is the only luck he’ll ever have.
As if the pressure of keeping his father’s financial secrets weren’t enough to handle, Aiden’s birth father makes contact, sending Aiden’s anxieties spiraling out of control. But it’s a crisis at work that finally brings Aiden to his breaking point. Accepting support from Marco is a gamble, but it could be just what Aiden needs to turn his luck around.

Seattle Stories


Amongst many books I have reviewed for this site so far, there  had been a lot that I loved after I finished, but VERY few that I wanted to love as much as I wanted to love this one before I even started. There were several reasons for that. I skipped the second book in the series, because I trusted Jeayci’s review, and I did not feel like I was confused at all when I was reading this book.

However it took me several attempts to get through the first five chapters. I tried and literally had to put the book down four or five times before I forced myself to read on. It was not because the first chapters of the book were horribly written, or something annoyed me much, no I was just bored out of my mind and I could not figure out why. But the fact remained – I was easily distracted by other books.

What do I do when I am in reviewing trouble and need a wise advise? I go to Raine of course. 🙂  As always she was spot on with her comments – she told me that she did not care much for Aiden, especially in the beginning. And since we do share a brain often enough I realized that it was as simple as that. I knew that I should care for Aiden, especially since there was nothing wrong with the writing, but I just could not figure out why  I  did not?

Also the book initially just felt too busy with many people with many problems. I do get that this is a series and besides focusing on the current couple, the author has to at least mention those who would be potential candidates for the next book, which I have no idea whether it is even planned in this series or not. I am still not sure for example why Levi was in the book besides to make Aiden reflect as to how his troubles are in a sense similar to his own. At the same time the more the book focused on Aiden and Marco, when I finally got past those five chapters, the better I felt.

Marco was *wonderful*. He was more than a little annoying, but so very wonderful. This is how I would want my friend to behave – not to leave me alone while I am in pain and try to push him away with empty words, while I need the support. I really loved how he took Aiden out of his shell with his non stop meddling and laughter and love. I was also happy that Aiden finally realized that he needed Marco. In fact, the further I was reading along the more I appreciated the slow burning of their romance.

There was nobody in the ensemble cast in the book whom I really disliked. As I said above I was not really sure what Levi was doing in the story, meaning that his storyline felt like an unnecessary extra, but thank goodness there were no villains in this novel. I guess opinions could differ on the dead character (not Ben!), I can see how some readers may think of him as a villain. I kind of found Joel annoying initially – because while I thought that Marco’s meddling was dictated by the best intentions, I did not really see that Joel was in any way friendly to Aiden and kept talking about things which were not really his business. However of course Joel ended up not being a bad guy either and I thought it was a good thing. I sometimes really cringe when contemporary story, which is not a mystery, or thriller comes up with the caricature bad guy just for the sake of inventing a villain.

I also really like that this was another story where the main characters getting together did not make Aiden’s problems with his family magically go away. In romance I do not even mind when the therapy is mentioned in passing, all I need to know is  that the character knows that he needs professional help if his issues are heavy. But I really loved how nicely the writer fit in more than a brief mention of a therapy session, which could have easily been tedious and boring.

I did not fall in love with this story, but I ended up liking it overall and I can easily see how other readers may enjoy it a lot.

Seattle Stories



  • Hey Jess – oh well we share the brain often enough as is :). And I certainly liked Aiden at least somewhat by the end of the story.

  • Great review, Sirius, and I can see why it was so difficult to write! I’m sorry you didn’t end up loving it as much as I did, but I can understand why you didn’t.

    I went into this book disliking both Aiden and Marco (based on what I saw of them in the second book). So it felt like a big deal that I ended up won over and loving both of them.

    But I beta’ed this, and that can have an effect on how I view a story. I didn’t much like Aiden or Marco in the early chapters of the first draft I read, but I loved how much it improved and resolved my early issues.

    Funny you disliked Levi, or at least found his story extraneous. Because I loved him, so clearly we’re not sharing a brain there. 😀 I even begged Con to give him his own story with Drew. My impression is she hadn’t intended to, but once I planted the seed she found herself thinking about it. So if she ends up writing that story, I will gladly take the blame. 😆

    To clarify the fanfic question, Con Riley got her start writing in fanfic. However, she’s said that she left the fanfic there and what she’s published is original fiction. So her characters may be similar to some characters somewhere (“nothing new under the sun” and all that 🙂 ) but I don’t think they actually come out of any fandom.

  • It’s a good review.

    I felt similar but for a few other reasons:

    It was a three stars for me.

    Both previous books had been great and I had enjoyed the conflicts, the “not clean but twisted stories”.

    This time…I couldn’t get into it so much. I mean, Marco is a doll and adorable but I seriously couldn’t understand what he saw in Aiden. Aiden is a guy who carries the problems of the whole world and he is drowning. But instead of opening up at first he takes more and more and gets grumpier and grumpier. I didn’t like him.
    It gets better. He gets better and in the end I liked him just fine.

    What irritated me to the point that I “just like” the book is the cummulation of problems, some of them adressed and then forgotten, some solved later but drawn out for days before that. For example: Aiden struggles financially , Theo looks over his accounting and wants to talk to him….but they never talk about it in the end. No tips from Theo, no explanations what he had found and suggests…

    Or…Evan calls because Aiden didn’t answer his mom’s calls and asks him to prevent their mother from coming over because his boyfriend just came home. Instead from calling immediately he talks to Marco and takes his time before calling her.

    These are just examples of problems mentioned, addressed, arisen between the characters but then….left hanging or addressed later.

    And that kind of made me giddy. Additionally the author hinted at informations like why their adoptive dad killed himself or what they found out about Aiden’s birth father and then made us wait for a while. I have nothing against a bit suspense but combined with the whole other mess I had the feeling that really nothing was solved or explained the moment it happened.

    Still – I liked the book because I liked most of the characters (Marco is adorable) and the writing is really good.

    • Hi Sunne I can definitely see some of the issues you mentioned . I was okay with information about Aiden’s adoptive sad being revealed slowly to me it made sense in the story but what you mention about Theo not talking to Aiden, Aiden not calling his mom was frustrating to me as well yes.

  • I think I will pass on this book.
    I read the first book in this series because it basically was the fleshed out version of a drabble fanfic that I loved very much. I ended up liking it well enough even though there were some very annoying flaws in the writing.
    The second book I liked better. I instantly fell in love with Sean and the sweet love story helped me over all the bumps that others had problems with.
    Now, with Aidan… like you I just don’t care for him. I wasn’t interested in him when he still was a fanfic character and I’m not interested in him now.
    Ah well, maybe I’ll be back for book #4. We’ll see.

    • Can I ask what fandom it was in? Saving Sean looks really interesting (hurt/comfort), but since I also read a lot of fanfic, I don’t want to rebuy something I might already have read. *g* Thanks!

      • I am of no help Lasha, even though I realize you were asking A :). That’s the first time I hear that After Ben used to be a fanfiction. Kind of disappointed.

          • Yes, that’s right. It was a Twilight fanfiction called Age Gaps, her author name was Conversed.
            I usually stay far away from P2P fiction but I just adored this fic and her writing in general so I made an exception here.

    • Hi A was it at least rewritten significantly since it was a fanfiction (After Ben I mean)? Or just the names and places changed and published as original story. Thanks 🙂

      • It was written as a drabble fic, so this published version is longer and more detailed. The names are changed – of course- but the location is the same. It was part of a series of drabble fics that belonged together (the two interns had their own fic, as well as the Aiden character – with a different partner though).
        It was Twific originally. She pulled it but if you’d like to compare for yourself let me know.

  • Oh, no! If you were bored out of your mind, Sirius, I think I probably would have the same reaction. Plus, the whole unnecessary character thing bothers me even if the author is trying to set up the next couple to write about. The new characters intended for the next book should at least have a vivid and necessary role in the current book.

    • Hi Val, Wave can attest to the fact how often I tried to start reading it and could not (and was whining to her). To me it got better later in the story, but wow it took me some will power to got through first five or six chapters.

  • I’m confused just reading the review so I can understand your ambivalence about this story when we discussed it. Boredom is not a good sign when reading a romance 😆 and I might have given up. Well done (for finishing the job of reviewing Aiden’s Luck.) 🙂

    • Nope, boredom is definitely not a good state of mind to encounter when reading romance Wave :). The book got very differing reviews from what I can see. I don’t know, check the sample if you are so inclined?

    • I hear you Majken, especially about Aiden – I warmed up to him, but it took time and while I liked Marco a lot, I can certainly understand how his behavior may not be everybody’s cup of tea.


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