Favorite M/M Author 2012

favoriteAuthor2012The votes are in and counted! This year saw a very close race between five very talented, reader-nominated authors, and the winner within ten votes is…

Abigail Roux

Congrats Abi!

In second place is Amy Lane, and Jordan Castillo Price came in third.

The writers in this competition are all winners and I look forward to next year’s contest. Thanks for voting everyone!


  • Yay, Abi! Congratulations! The list of authors was stupendous and a difficult decision indeed…everyone is a winner in my book. :god:

  • Congrats Abigail!!!! You very much deserved the win! If I could have voted for all of the nominees however, I would have! You each have entertained me with your wonderful books and I am thankful to you all. I look forward to many more …. thanks for all you do!!!


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