Sharing Tomorrow

Title: Sharing Tomorrow
Author: Michael Barnette
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
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Genre: paranormal
Length: 17 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Cryselle

Review Summary: A cute quick read that’s not completely tied to the holidays.


Fae-born Kyle has been alone for decades; everyone he once knew is gone. The need to be around others, even humans, has grown so great he can no longer remain alone. Then he enters a bar and he someone who seems to know what he is, a man named Anluan.

But Anluan is more than a man and on the cusp of New Year’s they discover they don’t have to be alone anymore as the magic of faerie weaves a spell around them to bring them a very Happy New Year indeed.


This is a sweet little short, only 17 pages, but it was a pleasant read. Kyle, whose fae-name can only be said by others of his kind, is driven by loneliness to enter a pub. He has magic enough to disguise himself from the humans who don’t believe in him any more, but not quite enough familiarity with the human world to keep the bartender, Anluan, from being able to pick him out as non-human. Can’t really blame him when the last time he came ashore to mingle was back when gaslights were common.

Anluan’s muttered advice on blending in becomes an invitation to go home and speak more openly, and the two are definitely attracted to one another. This did result in springing a “fated mates” style bonding, which I thought wasn’t needed—their interest in each other and the loneliness of being the last was enough without that.

There were some charming moments, like trying to pay for a beer with a silver treasure coin from the sea, and arguing over who was going to do what to whom, which made me smile 3.5 stars

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