New Site

Christian will be taking down this beautiful but inefficient site in a couple of hours (or less). There may be  a few brownouts while he’s flexing his technical muscle, so bear with us. The site will undergo changes which can’t be implemented until it’s actually live, so what you’ll see today won’t be the final product. Christian is indulging me by adding a few bells and whistles as this new site, while technically more efficient, is not as pretty as I would like. But pretty is as pretty does. We have all suffered the hell that is called “access” :wallbash: so I’m prepared to listen to reason (meaning Lynn and Christian) while drumming my heels. 😆

We’re taking flight into the unknown everyone. My heartfelt thanks to Christian and Lynn who did an incredible job.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports - especially baseball


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