Stealing the Dragon (Larissa’s Review)

Title: Stealing the Dragon (The Dragon’s Hoard #3)
Author: Mell Eight
Cover Artist: London Burden
Publisher: Less than Three Press
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: fantasy, adventure
Length: Novella
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Larissa

Review Summary: this sweet, light, fun fantasy story with a sweet baby dragon and a tough witch will get your awwww factor up real fast


Stealing from a dragon’s hoard is never a bright idea, but stealing from a baby dragon’s hoard can lead to tears, sniffles, and smoke in the middle of a busy marketplace.

Jerney, a witch who does work for a well-known thieves’ guild, knows exactly who’s to blame for the brazen theft. With no other choice in the matter, he quickly becomes entangled in trying to help the baby dragon. What he doesn’t expect is that his own heart might get stolen in the process.

The Dragon’s Hoard Series


Oh my. This is one sweet (and I do mean sweet. Sweet as in sweet as Turkish Delight) story. Shortly into the story I had a dopey smile on my face and going “awwww” very often. It’s like watching kittens do adorable things. If this was just for me, I would have given it five stars, because it made me laugh, had a not so common plot and funny characters. But alas, when reviewing you have to take some other factors into account. So here goes. Hang on tight and get your teddy bears people!

Stealing the Dragon is the third book in the Dragon’s Hoard series. I admit, I haven’t yet read the other stories in the series, but I will soon. This is the story of Jerney, a witch who didn’t always have an easy life but didn’t let his troubles get him down. To a larger extent it’s also the story of Tori, a 17-year old baby dragon. Almost an adult in human years, but still very much a baby in dragon years. I’ll warn you now, this is not a romance. There is a hint of romance for later on when Tori is all grown up. For now this story is more about friendship.

Jerney ran away with his younger brother and baby sister when it became clear his father was going to sell him and his sibling as bedwarmers. His growing talents as a witch landed him a place in the Thief’s Guild, aiding in their nefarious dealings with potions and spells. All grown up, he’s able to breakaway and begin his own shop with his nearly blind younger brother and his 15-year old sister who is all trouble and an adept thief.

She is the one stupid and bold enough to steal from a baby dragon: Tori. Who, because he’s unique, lives at the castle until he learns to shift into his dragon form. She dares to steal his hatching gem which leaves devastated Tori all asniffle in the market place.

This is where the story really begins and Jerney won’t stand for his sister’s thieving ways, especially not from a dragon. By returning the gem, he is soon added to Tori’s hoard.

The story doesn’t have an elaborate plot, but is full of adventurous and sweet plot angles along with a dash of drama. It can easily be read as a YA story or even New Adult, even though there are no explicit scenes.

While I certainly enjoyed the story, it doesn’t really have a beginning or ending. Yes, the beginning of the story gives a good impression of Jerney’s background, but there is no real ending. It’s read more like a scene in the lives of Jerney and Tori. Almost like a prequel for more to come in another story (something which I hope).

The biggest trouble I had was a scene later on in the story featuring a Barbarian that seemed a little off. Jerney is a powerful witch, with a group of soldiers as back-up, yet the Barbarian easily gets the upper hand. No matter than Jerney is a powerful witch in his own right.

The writing is nicely done. Note quite professional, but befitting the story. It seems to me that this author has a lot of potential.

As already stated, I really love this story. Jerney and certainly Tori are loveable characters and Tori is adorable. He’s going to be wicked when he grows up. I certainly liked how dragons were portrayed as otherworldly creatures with a love for gems. It fits.

If you are looking for a fun, sweet, light story, than Stealing the Dragon is definitely for you.


  • I’m reading it! It’s pretty good, and I agree with both of your opinion. So cute! I’m getting Nyle and Leon’s book next. Speaking of next, I’m a little disappointed to learn that book #4 in the series isn’t about Jerney and Tori.
    Anyway, I like the originality of the world building, simple but effective. And of course, Tori. I have a thing for bad boys, but this character’s naivete is so charming that I couldn’t resist.
    Thanks for the recommendation.


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