Slippery When Wet

LLB_Slippery_When_WetTitle: Slippery When Wet
Author: Laura Baumbach
Cover Artist: Deanna C. Jamrozs
Publisher: MLR Press
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Genre: M/M Romance
Length: Short Story
Rating: 4 stars our of 5

A Guest Review by Sammy

Review Summary: Who says that Geeks don’t get the man? Two opposites attract and sparks ignite.

Blurb: Explore the first-time wonders of the flesh and water. Named a pioneer of the M/M erotic romance by ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, Laura Baumbach’s novella, Slippery When Wet, is both playful and hot. Sauna’s will never be the same after reading this teasing, erotic interlude.

Review: So…you’re at the gym, the company gym. It’s late–after work and you are alone. Until he enters, the new guy, the built like a brick, “you know what” house guy. The guy you think doesn’t see you taking surreptitious glances at every two minutes. The guy who nearly makes you swallow your tongue and, ahem, cause your towel to tent in the sauna guy. You know you don’t have a chance with him anyway. After all, your a scientist, sure you have a bazillion PhD.s and you’re brilliant but you’re short, and a bit scrawny and, well, your love life has not gone very well up to this point.

So you spend your time fantasizing…until one night…he stands up and crosses the sauna and takes a very keen interest in what is stirring beneath that towel of yours. Welcome to Parker’s world.  Mr. Broad and Brawny, as he calls Dallas, has suddenly made the move Parker has been hoping for–dreaming of since he first laid eyes on him two weeks before. Slippery When Wet by Laura Baumbach snatches a few hours of Parker’s otherwise drab, overworked life and splashes them on the page in a hot and sexy short story that leaves you wanting more.

In my opinion, writing a truly good short story is a challenge even for the best of authors. To create solid characters that interact in a meaningful and realistic way in just a few pages requires a deft hand and a master storyteller that knows how to exercise restraint while letting the imagination run wild. Laura Baumbach is just such a writer and her story does not disappoint. Her mastery of creative imagery and in depth characters never fails to light up the page.

The only criticism I have of this story is the almost too rapid capitulation by Parker when Dallas professes to be wrapped up in getting to know him better. Prior to that scene, Parker remained the “geeky” scientist who struggles to believe such a ruggedly handsome guy would be interested in him at all. Admittedly, Dallas was right in his face and leaving him little doubt as to his intentions, but still, I felt the character Ms. Baumbach had created in Parker would have had a healthier and longer lasting dose of skepticism.

However, this was a minor glitch and in the long run, did not detract from the overall impact of the story. So, if you are in the market for a hot little sip of a tail, please do check out Slippery When Wet by Laura Baumbach. Like the blurb says, you will never think of the sauna in the same way again!


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