Black Magic Woman (Cambion #2)

cambion2Title: Black Magic Woman (Cambion #2)
Author: Cari Z.
Cover artist: Nathie
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Amazon: Buy Link Dark Around the Edges: Black Magic Woman (Cambion)
Genre: fantasy/romance
Length: not sure. – short
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: Interesting, but too short and did not feel like a separate episode, but rather a part of a one long story. I want more!


Tracking Porter Grey means making a deal with Lynlis Syfer, a witch with a gift for finding the unfindable. It takes something special to catch the eye of a woman like that, and so Devon and Rio split up in order to blacken the eyes of Lynlis’ two main rivals. But that just gets them in the door. To secure her help requires a sacrifice that may be higher than the boys can afford.


Before I go to the review, I want to post a note from the publisher, since I had questions about the pricing of the individual episodes v the pricing of the season pass. I know Cari Z mentioned it already in her comments under my review of the first episode, but I figured it would not hurt to post it again.

“Please keep in mind that while the first episode in every Storm Moon Press serial is just $0.99, the other episodes are priced individually based on word count. The season pass does end up being cheaper for the entire season, and by paying all at once, the reader gets special extras not available any other way, but it’s perfectly all right for readers to purchase the serial episode by episode, too, if they like. This season of Cambion is comprised of six episodes, each released one month apart.”

As the blurb tells you Rio and Devon continue to track Porter Grey whom they failed to catch in the first episode and they need the help of Lynlis Syfer. You cannot read this episode as a stand alone at all, and I was not sure if this serial would be a collection of novelettes which features Devon’s adventures or one story with overarching character arc. Now I know the answer, but I also know that it will be ten times more frustrating for me to wait for the next installment.

This episode is not nearly as action packed as the previous one, but I did appreciate that the author took time to build up the main characters some more.  I did like them together, although of course they have a long way to go if they are to end up together by the end of the story. I, by the way, have no idea whether they will end up together or not, but I am certainly rooting for them. For all I know the writer may decide to kill one of them or both, although I am really hoping not. The guys are also interesting as a separate entities, not just together. I really liked how we see more glimpses of who they are as “people”. Devon’s starting moment of vulnerability when he wants to see his parents for example was a very welcome touch, and Rio’s love for his dog as well. Of course there is probably much more that we do not know about the characters than what we do know. Just what are Rio’s origins? 🙂

The fantastical and/or paranormal forces and creatures in this world seem to coexist with the “normal” (or whatever counts for such) and it allows for rather interesting presentations. I have to say though  that the “bargain with the devil” implications (not for the main characters  though they also enter in the bargain of the sorts in this episode, which I thought they could have been better off without, but it is a stretch to call that bargain with the devil ) were a bit disappointing for me. On the other hand I thought that the meeting with the witch was so delightfully creepy and in some ways original.

I cannot wait to read the next episode.


  • Sounds very interesting, but I’m like you, Sirius, with having to wait. 🙂 I’m not sure how long the “Season Pass” offer will be available, but maybe I could wait until the whole thing is written and hopefully buy it all rolled into one big novel so I can read it straight through.


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