stars & stripesEvery year when this contest rolls around authors and their fans scramble to make it to the Finals, just like the annual US College Basketball Tournament. This year M/M readers have a stake in the outcome of the contest because fans voted in Abigail Roux’s Stars & Stripes which proceeded to knock out Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Storm in the second round of the Elite Eight by a huge margin to advance to the Final Four. If you feel that Stars & Stripes deserves to move on you should vote. Remember, it gets tougher the higher the book advances and it would be great if an M/M romance were to advance to the Finals.

Here’s the schedule for the voting:

April 6, midnight to noon CST (Central Standard Time)

A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare v. Stars & Stripes by Abigail Roux

Please check the time zone.

Good luck and may the best book advance. Here’s the link with all the information




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  • I vote to make a statement for genre this year. You are surprised about Irregulars not pulling through…? Let’s look at whole GLBT bracket. There were amazing novels like Voinov’s Dark Soul and Tigerland in competition, too… I read other genres and imo, GLBT bracket had more quality novels points than others… I’m very happy you mentioned this on your blog.

    • Hi Lege

      I had no idea that this contest was ongoing as I moved two weeks ago and before then and during the move I was rarely on the Internet. I missed Tigerland and Irregulars both of which I reviewed and rated highly; I don’t know how many other excellent M/M books I missed that were competing. At least we have one that made it to the Finals which is a real coup even if Stars & Stripes doesn’t win. I think the last time we made a really good showing was Zero at the Bone.

  • I voted the hell out of this book! I even made people vote who don’t know what this book is lol

  • It would be a coup if Stars & Stripes, an M/M romance, made it into the Finals.
    I, too, was surprised to read that Irregulars was in the running and didn’t make it. That was a wonderful anthology but maybe, as Sirius said, being an anthology hurt it.

    Here’s hoping that M/M makes a great showing!

  • Huh. I’m pretty surprised this book made it and not Irregulars. I guess being an antho hurt it.

    • I was surprised too and wanted Irregulars to make it but I was shocked when this book beat Nalini Singh and went into top four ( in a good way). At this point I will support any mm book – would be so awesome if it won. And when I voted it was leading with a big difference so it has chance to get to the final and maybe even win?

      • I haven’t read this one (still trying to fight my way through Warrior’s Cross) but I’ve heard from friends that it’s not the best one of the series. I guess I’d rather have the best book win, m/m or not.

        • I did read it :). I would not have voted for the book I have not read and I liked it. Of course I do not think it is as good as Irregulars (and I did vote for Irregulars), but on its own I figured it is good enough.

          Now when it is in the final (YAY), I am hoping that Easy will not pass, because then I will have a problem. I loved that book, so in good conscience I will be voting for Easy (so I hope that Julie James’ book will go to finals since I have not read it and will not be voting for it).

  • Yeah if I remember correctly this is the first year when mm book made it in top four out of sixty four really really good and popular books. Fingers crossed.

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