A Luminous Touch

LuminousTouchTitle: A Luminous Touch (Sense and Sensations #3)
Author: Susan Laine
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Publisher, Amazon
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 148 pages
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary: A good romance for fans of the series, but not enough buildup to make the mystery behind the fires successful.

Just off work one wintery evening, EMT Jack Waters comes across a blazing building, and he sets out to do his job. A day later he wakes up in a hospital, suffering from severe burns. For a man who values his beauty, the injury is devastating.

But Jack hardly has time to process what’s happened. Waiting by his bedside are his cop ex-boyfriend, Kevin Thompson, and his fireman rescuer, Luke Kennard, who both seem determined to compete for his attention—burns or no. Jack pushes Kevin away, fearing the man will want nothing to do with him now, and seems to be proven right when Kevin leaves without a fight. The scene is set for seductive, playful Luke to begin a flirtation with Jack, soothing his fragile ego.

When new fires break out all over town, targeting rescue personnel, clues point to someone close to Jack. He survived one fire, but he might not be so lucky next time. For it seems he is pursued by a relentless foe. If he isn’t careful, the flames will reduce him to ashes… unless the love of two men burns him first.

Senses and Sensations Series

This is the third book in the series. It can be read as a stand alone, but it’s better if you know read them in order.

The Sense and Sensations series has been both hit and miss for me. The books are equal parts romance and mystery. With each book, I tend to be really into one part of the book and not as interested in the other part. My interest varies with the book, one time I will be caught up in the mystery and the next it will be the romance. I keep hoping for the book which will capture my attention with both.

A Luminous Touch started out well. Jack was floating in and out of consciousness, only to wake up in the hospital and discover he has been in a terrible fire. At his bedside are his brother, Jordan, and his ex, Kevin. It was a good start because the reader is thrown right into the drama of the suspicious fire as well as the relationship drama between Kevin and Jack. They’ve had a confusing on-again, off-again relationship in the past, but it’s always happened in the background of the other books. The reasons were never explained, so they have always piqued my interest.

Their romance was my favorite part of this book. The addition of Luke, who stirs up a lot of jealousy in Kevin, and the fear for Jack’s safety, brought on by the suspicious fires, are the catalysts which finally force them to confront what has been holding their relationship back. It was compelling, and sifting through the various layers of their personalities to finally understand the root of their issues together was interesting.

Then, there was the mystery of the fires. That never managed to capture my attention. For me, it came across as more of a series of events rather than a true mystery. I never felt a burning desire to understand why the fires were happening or to discover the identity of the person setting them. I believe this is a story which could have been better if it had been longer. There simply wasn’t enough time to properly build the suspense.

I would recommend this book to fans of the series, as the romance between Jack and Kevin answers a lot of lingering questions from the other books.

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  • That sounds like a very tricky balance — getting the romance and the mystery equally developed. I haven’t read the series, but I totally believe you’re right about this book needing to be longer to do that. Thanks for the review, Andrea!

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