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Today I have the pleasure of Interviewing Abigail Roux, author of the Cut & Run series who is coming off her abigailwin as Favourite M/M Author of 2012, and now winner of DABWAHA. I don’t think she has come down to earth as yet …. 😆


Hi Abi. I would like to thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed at such short notice. (like an hour, if that. 😀 )

First of all, congratulations on winning the finals in DABWAHA. The win was hard fought but you and Stars & Stripes persevered. Have you processed this as yet?

I’m always happy to be here! I haven’t really processed it yet, and I’m not sure I will. All I know is tons of people mobilized, and that is so awesome for the genre. It’s exciting.

Touch&Geaux_500x750This is a day that M/M fans have long waited for and it’s a vindication of sorts, if there were any doubts that M/M can compete on an equal footing with other genres in Romance. M/M romances have too long been treated as the red-headed step child of Romance – now that you and Stars & Stripes have together broken through the glass ceiling, how does it feel?

I honestly believe that if this genre can grab that spotlight and hold onto it for a few seconds, we can show what we’re really made of. We are full of talented storytellers and compelling tales and interesting, incredible characters. We just haven’t had our chance yet. Your average reader doesn’t even know M/M romance is out there, so anything that can make a blip on that radar is exciting for all of us. It feels good to have made a blip or two, and yet I’ve had a few moments where I was scared to death.

I remember when you and Madeleine, your former co-writer, tried to persuade me to read Cut & Run which stars & stripeswas released in September 2008. I was very reluctant to do so because the book was almost 400 pages (in those days I didn’t read ebooks that were that long. :)) I did read C & R almost 10 months later and could have kicked myself for not doing so earlier. I was immediately hooked on Ty & Zane because of the depth and complexity of the characters, and never looked back. What do you think your two MCs would say about the win, especially Ty whose tongue is so acerbic and who takes no prisoners? 😆

I know you and Zane would have to fight over the Stubborn award! I have to think Zane would shy away from the attention, and Ty would be rolling in it like a pig in mud.

Now that so much has been revealed in the series about Ty’s and CutandRunZane’s backstory, and I’m sure there’s more to come, what information can you give us to titillate the fans until the release of book #8, especially now that it looks like Ty will be embedded with the Marines and away from Zane for some time? How will they cope with being apart, other than Skype and cyber sex? 😮

I have promised one Skype related smut scene over the summer (that will probably be tied to a bribe to vote for the All-Star Game like Dine & Dash was last year!) But as for titillating fans until the next release, I think I’m going to give them a well-deserved rest. I’ll just say that the next book probably isn’t going to go where everyone thinks it is.

One question I have long wanted a definitive answer to, and I’m sure that other fans of the series would also love to know the answer as well, is how many more books can we expect in this series? I have the impression from previous interviews Sticks&stonesthat the total number of books was projected to be 9, but that could be entirely my imagination. Would you like to comment?

From the moment the idea for the series formed, it was 9 books. I know a lot of different numbers have been flying around and I’m not sure how that happened, but it’s always been 9. There’s always the possibility that I may revisit them in some form, but 9 is the magic number.

The first time I interviewed you exactly 4 years ago I asked you whether your characters ever demanded to be heard and this was your response:

I’m not sure about demanding to be heard, but I know that my characters sort of ride on my shoulder and observe. The ones that are very vivid, like Ty Grady from Cut & Run for example, will offer commentary occasionally. It’s a walking peanut gallery. There’s a great quote by E.L Doctorow that goes something like, ‘writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.’ And that is so true.

Do you still feel the same way about how your characters offer commentary from time to time like Ty does? What would he occasionally say to you and what would be your response?  😈 😉 (I’m assuming  this would be a two way conversation!!)

Fish & ChipsThis is still very true. It’s oh so true. The most common phrase I hear from that particular fictional character is, “Abi, you’re an idiot.” The week before I had surgery I drove to Michigan for a writer’s retreat (that’s code for meeting up with buddies and drinking) and almost the entire trip from North Carolina to Indiana consisted of me having two-way conversations that I intended to put into books. It’s like playing chess with yourself, only people think you’re crazy if they see you doing it while driving by.

You must be thrilled at how popular this series has become. When you wrote Cut & Run I know you had no idea at the time that it would turn into a series, and it wasn’t until after I posted my review in June of 2009 that you revealed a week later that C & R would become a series. Looking back at your previous interviews, I remember Madeleine saying the reason for the series was that there was too Divide&ConquerFSmuch story left to tell about the guys and they were too vibrant to just fade away (I’m paraphrasing here). What were your reasons?

It’s true that their story was just too much to fit into one book. But my reason, my personal reason for pushing to make it a series, was that I fell in love with Ty.

Can you tell us anything about book #8, other than what we’re all guessing from the clues in Touch & Geaux?

I can tell you the book will happen around a wedding. Most of it will take place away from US soil. And that the basic plot is based on my own experiences more so than any other in the series.

armed & dangerousAs with any series that’s successful it gets tougher for writers to come up with plots that are as high octane and intense as the fans have come to expect. I’m sure that you, more than anyone, are aware of this. This series is so well loved that fans want more, more, more. What is Abi’s strategy to up the ante and keep us glued to our seats with the next C & R release?

Honestly, I just close my eyes and swing. When I think too hard about it I get a little stressed, so I try to approach each new book the same way. But I know everyone is expecting bigger and badder with book 8, so I intend to go the other way and go for smaller and more intimate.

You probably have other projects in the works.  What would you like to tell us about them?GravediggersBrawl_900x600

I’ve got so many books I’d love to write! I have a short story coming in an anthology next month called Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open, and it’s an unusual thing because every story from each author is something very different from what we usually write. My next solo venture is a nice, calm contemporary romance coming in November or December where I do horrible things to a character named after my ex-husband. Beyond that I have so many exciting plots that I want to write, including a baseball story I know you will love, but I just have to tackle them one at a time.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Ty has always had my heart in his hands and I’m hoping he won’t be injured if/when he does go away and leaves Zane behind. I don’t suppose you would like to give the fans some reassurance that he’ll return relatively unscathed and uninjured?

I’ve instructed Ty quite thoroughly in the art of ducking and covering. He should be okay. :whistle:

TyandZane1With that kiss at the end of T & G, now that Zane and Ty are out, what’s next? As Zane said in Touch & Geaux, it was his intention to ask Ty to marry him before Ty screwed up. Any chance of this happening in book 8 or is this too much of a spoiler?

It’s a HUGE spoiler. All I’ll say for what’s next is, with the kiss, they effectively ended their partnership. Ty didn’t really think that one through.

On that note, thank you for indulging me and the fans Abi.

It’s one of my favorite things, so thank you for having me.

Abigail Roux’s Contact Information:

email: abiroux@gmail.com
Facebook: .roux
Tumblr: http://abiroux.tumblr.com/



  • Great interview, and big congrats on the win! (I should also mention that I’m with LadyM on waiting with great anticipation for the sequel to According to Hoyle.)

    • Val, I know you’ll be almost as excited as I am to know that Riptide has already agreed to re-release According to Hoyle once the rights revert (next year!!), and then I can carry on with the sequel!

      • Awesome! I think LadyM and I and Aunt Lynn will be recommending these books all over the place. 😀 I can’t wait to read the sequel!

  • Thank you for the impromptu interview Wave, and thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting. And most of all, thank you for the unwavering support!

    • Talk about burning the midnight oil, and then some. 😮 😯 I think the best interviews are impromptu ones, when the questions are unplanned and the answers are not rehearsed.

      Thanks so much Abi for indulging me long after midnight on Monday night and for returning the finished interview in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 😎 I know that the fans of this series really appreciate this interview and you. 😎

  • Congratulations Abi, a well deserverd win 🙂

    Just read the Nick/Kelly ficlet, I can live with more of that
    Or not, if you go down that road 😉

    Looking forward to your next book

    And finally, I hope your shoulder is doing better after the surgery, feel better soon

  • where I do horrible things to a character named after my ex-husband

    Oh, Abigail, we will read it with glee! XD

    While I love Ty & Zane, my absolute favorite of yours is According to Hoyle. Any chance for a sequel? Soon? Pretty please. (insert uncomely begging here). 😀

    And, of course, congratulation! :bravo:

    • I adored “According to Hoyle” and “Gravedigger’s Brawl” and would love and entire series based on the characters of those fabulous adventures.


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