Temporary Mark (Collared #3)

Title: Temporary Mark
Author: Kim Dare
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Genre: M/M Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 4 stars

A Guest Review by Sammy


Review Summary: Battered and beaten, one man finds lasting love in a temporary situation.

Blurb: Can a temporary collar ever lead to a permanent relationship? Mark and Mr. Nolan are about to find out.

Mr. Nolan’s last relationship lasted for over two decades. But, since suddenly finding himself single, two years ago, he has struggled to find a submissive who can fill the void in his life. Maybe a temporary arrangement is exactly what he needs to ease him back into the lifestyle he loves so much.

Mark’s never experienced life under the protection of a good dom. He’s merely had a series of abusive partners. He’s used to being treated as a temporary feature in a man’s life, then thrown away when they tire of him.

When mutual friends push them together, the last thing Mr. Nolan, or Mark, expects is to end up hoping a temporary collar will become permanent.

Review: Mark Howell has convinced himself he is a throwaway–someone to be used and then tossed aside, unimportant, incompetent, never enough. Wait—wait—before you say oh boo hoo hoo, go cry me a river, stop, think. How many people have you met that feel similarly? How many times have you heard a friend, a sibling, a child remark that they are just not worth anyone’s effort. I’ve heard it–often. But, normally it’s a passing thing, a momentary funk. Not for Mark Howell. He uses it as a mantra to convince himself that all the beatings and harsh treatment he has received from one Dom after another is justified–he deserves their contempt. He is nothing.

So his friends find him a Dom who is in need of a boy…a Dom who needs someone, not to replace a lost lover and sub of 20 years ,but a fresh start, a new love, a reason to continue on. Edward Nolan, you see, is actually cut from the same piece of cloth as Mark–both men need a reason to not give up. They find that reason, in each other.

Yes, this novel, Temporary Mark,  is like many others from Kim Dare. And, if you love her, you will eat it up like the best candy in the world, and sigh just a bit when it is ended–until the next fix, the next little goodie she sends your way. You have to know what you are getting into being a fan of Kim Dare. There is always an HEA, and there is always a fast, fall in love, keep you forever, wear my collar and let me control your orgasm kind of feel to her novels. Consequently, they are not for everyone, these little morsels. Some would call them trite, formulaic, not really BDSM, kind of vanilla overall. Those critics, I’m sure would have grounds for saying all those things. And I? I, unashamedly, love them.

I love them because they find that little nugget inside all of us. That little moment when we felt that kind of self-doubt, when we didn’t look or feel our best, when we lost someone we loved or we had a relationship go sour. She finds those heartbeats inside us and builds a sweet story around them and then presents it to us and invites us to read…to step into a world where that little heartbeat becomes something better for just a while.

Are they without fault? Heavens no! Temporary Mark was unbelievable in the way that Edward, a widower of two years, a deeply reserved man, suddenly finds himself in love with Mark–a virtual stranger, all in the span of four or five days time. So, of course, there are problems here and there, but who can read about how Mark is so tortured and finds himself, for the first time, safe in the arms of a man who wants to love him, cherish him, care for him and not find themselves saying, “yes, that is how love should work, exactly like that”.

Call me a romantic–perhaps even a bit sappy, I plead guilty as charged. The reality is that Kim Dare has a style that works and she writes a good story–safe and easy perhaps, but nonetheless, good. Her characters are thoughtful and kind, her bad guys despicable and her endings, always happy. So, dear reader, if you need a piece of candy today, pick up Temporary Mark by Kim Dare and enjoy.


A mature woman, gracefully growing older, who lives with 12 cats and talks to imaginary people–had ya going there for a minute didn’t I? I am an avid lover of all things m/m who delights in occasionally teasing Wave!


  • Great review, Sammy. And don’t worry, you’re in good company, because I love her books too, and I don’t feel guilty for admitting it. What some might consider formulaic, it’s really her poignant trademark style.
    My favorites books from Kim are still Duck and Call Me Sir, Boy! I prefer books that allow me to forget reality and just relax. And who doesn’t love a happy ending? It’s romance after all. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Great review, I’m a fan of Kim Dare also and feel that if anything, she manages to make something special out of what could be formulaic , so this is on my list of “buy books” for the week! Thanks!

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