Uplifting story: Dad Gets Son a “Sofia the First” DVD

Princess SofiaI loved this article in Huff Post that TJ forwarded to me about a dad’s response to a stranger, when his son Sam asked him for a “Sophia The First” DVD. Here’s a link.

I didn’t know anything about Princess Sophia before, but I sure do now. 😀 I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.

What an awesome dad!


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  • Well, I have to admit, I’m curious about why Andrea doesn’t like “Sophia the First” (we haven’t seen it)! My son loves “Tangled” and “Princess and the Frog” as much as any other Disney film – we own them both – and he grew up watching “Dora” which he still likes.

    I once took a class with a woman whose husband got angry if she let their son so much as watch “The Food Network”, because he knew cooking was for women and would make his boy less of a man. I am so happy not to have similar role models around my son as he grows up (and who incidentally loves to cook – I feel he’s going to make his future partner very happy with that particular life skill).

    Great story!

  • I wish I could say I didn’t know anything about Princess Sophia. We’ve seen it a few times, and my boys are no longer allowed to watch her.

    I may not like the show, but I do like the Dad’s response 😀

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