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There’s a new sheriff er…press in town – Wilde City – and it’s launching today, April 17, 2013.. You know some of the players who own Wilde City and maybe even love them, sometimes. 🙂 But love ’em or not, most important they’re here! And I’m looking forward to the books that will be released by Wilde City.

Here’s an article about the new press which introduces some of the players:


wilde - GeoffKnight_author_pI so want to begin this story with the line: “We built this City… We built this City on cock and balls!” But that would just be crass. Uncouth. Lewd. Well, perhaps it would be to those fancy-pants people in the posh penthouse apartments on Filthy Rich Avenue overlooking Sensual Park… but not for me. No sir, I’m kicking around in Hell’s Bells Kitchen where I grew up, being of Irish heritage and all. In fact, I just passed Patrick Darcy, the bad boy of this neighborhood… you’ll meet him soon enough! And he’ll give you a top of the morning you won’t soon forget!

So you’re new here in Wilde City, huh? That’s okay, most people areWilde - CarolLynne_author_p. Let me tell you a little about this place. It’s a Gotham of gay men. A town of tantalizing hunks. A  metropolis of gay male fiction, with every building brimming with tales of gay intrigue, romance or eroticism, and every street corner filled with the most talented writers in the industry just itching to tell you stories that will make you laugh, cry and beg for more!

It’s a strange, exciting, bustling city full of surprises, a place that only wilde - EricArvin_author_psleeps when you do. Here you’ll find stories of Gay Romance on just about every corner of Wilde City. Look out for those lingering gazes between strangers as they pass by on the Boulevard of Hopeless Romantics, or book a table at one of Wilde City’s many jazz clubs, or dance the night away at Wilde City’s Gay Rainbow Room, watching some handsome, tuxedoed hunk discreetly brush his fingers against the hand of another man longing to be kissed. Cast your eye over there right now… can you see Sandrine Gasq-Dion swirling on the dancefloor with Barry Brennessel? Watch their eyes. They’re taking wilde - HankEdwards_author_pmental notes of everyone in the room.

Yes, in a city this big, romance is everywhere.

But many other gay worlds exist within Wilde City. Walk through the cobblestone alleys of the Old Docklands and you’re sure to stumble across something that will chill you to the bone. Did you just catch Carol Lynne in the fog-shrouded lamplight over there, taking a break from romance to treat us to more than a few thrills.

Or venture through the haunted mansions of the old Parisian Quarter and you might catch a glimpse of a handsome ghost, or a powerful werewolf, or a vampire hungry for your blood. Did Hank Edwards just tap me on the shoulder and vanish… or was that just my imagination? “It’s just your imagination,” whispers TJ Klune in my ear… but when I turn around he’s not even there. So weird! I’d ask Ethan Stone and Daniel A. Kaine for directions out of here… if I trusted them!

wilde - SandrineGasq-Dion_author_pOr perhaps you’d prefer a laugh with the gay characters you’ll meet on Vaudeville Avenue as they bumble their way through life looking for Mr. Right… or Mr. Right Now! Ethan Day, we’re winking at you!

Or buy yourself a ticket to other worlds atop Wilde City’s Empire Tower and board the Wilde World Airship for a journey to places strange, haunting and beautiful. Eric Arvin and Jacob Z Flores will be your tour guides on this voyage to far-away lands and future worlds.

Then again, if you’ve come to Wilde City for action of a different kind, welcome to a city teeming with Gay Erotica. You’ll find sex in almost every back alley and respectable dive in Wilde City’s notoriously naughty Pink Light District. Or for something that’s sure to turn you on, visit Mr. Charlie Harding’s exclusive black-label sex soiree, wilde - EthanDay_author_p copy‘Charlie Harding Presents’… because why not get the best in Gay Erotica from the Expert!

This is the city we’ve built. Have we convinced you that Wilde City is real? Probably not. Have we created a vision of a place you’d love to visit? Hopefully yes. And that is one of our main reasons for building Wilde City… to create a world of sheer escapism. Why?

Because that’s what books are for. 😀

Welcome to Wilde City, a brand new Gay Press owned by M/M author Ethan Day, cover art designer Adrian Nicholas and author Geoffrey Knight.


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I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • The website looks great! I know the authors and the stories already have me hooked, I also like the fact that you get all the different types of ebooks (I’m a PDF fan myself).
    I didn’t see Payment type under FAQ…not sure if you plan to accept Paypal? I’ll be back to buy after work today… 🙂

    • Hi Rdafan7!

      Currently we’re set up for payment by credit card through a secure gateway called Stripe. We are setting up for Paypal payments as well but it’s a much longer process and we didn’t want to hold up our launch. Paypal will be coming soon though! Thanks for asking the question and i’ll be adding this info to our FAQs!


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