Cambion, Dark Around the Edges. Episode 3: We Are Family

cambion3Title: Cambion,  Dark Around the Edges. Episode 3: We Are Family
Author: Cari Z
Cover artist: Nathie
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
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Genre: fantasy m/m romance
Length: 896 locations on my kindle
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: This episode was even more character-oriented than the last one and I really liked it.


Still coping with the aftermath of the deal with Lynlis, Devon decides there’s no place like home and convinces Rio to stop by Devon’s fathers’ lakeside home on their way to pick up Porter Grey’s trail. Along the way, Rio opens up about his past in a way Devon has never known. Then at the lake house, more secrets of Rio’s mysterious origin are revealed, along with a frightening connection between Devon’s family and Porter Grey himself!:


I have to say, it is getting harder and harder for me to review these bits and pieces of the story; it has nothing to do with the story, which I am still enjoying and my enjoyment only increases with every part of the story I have read. No, it is just I start to encounter my usual frustration which happens when I am reading serial fiction—I feel like I cannot see the complete characters arcs, I am not sure where the plot is going and I want to know NOW!

As the blurb tells you Devon is still incapacitated (if you have read the previous episode you know how exactly he is incapacitated) and because he is especially vulnerable and hurt and he wants to see his Dads and his whole family, he and Rio stop by to see them. Well, let’s just say his fathers are a very interesting couple and probably not what you are expecting them to be. They were certainly not what I expected them to be 🙂

It was such a pleasure to read about Devon’s love for his family; it felt genuinely sweet and I had no doubt that his family loves him back—not just his fathers, but also his foster brothers and sister.

I also thought that Devon being hurt allowed for even sweeter interactions between him and Rio and it felt natural. Devon did not come off to me as a damsel in distress, but at the same time Rio had a chance to show that he indeed cares for Devon a lot, or at least that was my impression. It was hard to not suspect that Rio was more than just a human being after two previous episodes, but some revelations about his origins also came as a surprise to me.

This episode also felt as a relative calm before the storm. I do not know if Rio and Devon will try to go after the bad guy in the next episode, or the episode after next, but for several reasons I felt that the fight will continue again soon.

I also reread the three episodes together and I have to say that so far I really like how the story is paced—when it speeds up, when it slows down, but never drags, it all works for me.

Once again I cannot wait for the next part.


  • Hey Sirius!

    Thank you for the review, I’m glad this episode came off as calm and not boring. I’ve definitely learned a lot by trying out the serial style of storytelling, and I appreciate learning what readers think of it as well (ie how damn frustrating it can be). Things for me to think about if/when there’s a second season:)


    • Hi Cari – it was not boring at all for me as you can see :), but yeah I would much prefer to read your awesome story in one sitting.

  • I read the first book (novella, episode?) a couple days ago and really enjoyed it. Like you, I’m not enjoying the short snipets of serial stories…it seems alot of authors are using this format recently :curse: and I’m discoverin I’m not a fan of this type of storytelling (nor the added expense). Despite my anticipation of more storyline, I’m tempted to just wait until a bunch are released and/or several are bound together into a longer story (such as Ginn Hale’s Rifter series).

    Great review, thank you Sirius

    • I hear you Denni – I am frustrated with this form of storytelling too, especially when I enjoy the story. Yeah I paid for Rifter in advance but only read it when it was completely finished.

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