Uplifting Pictures to reaffirm your faith in humanity

soldier helping woman cross flooded street

soldier helping woman cross flooded street

In light of the Boston Marathon bombing and the explosion in West Texas, both of which took many lives I thought I would post this piece from MSN which TJ sent to cheer me up. Now we’ll all enjoy these pictures:


These are a few that I particularly loved:

policeman helping dog

policeman helping dog

I thought the one offering free joints was especially adventurous and I’m sure that someone or a few someones had a very good time.

food left out for the homeless

food left out for the homeless

joint to go

joint to go


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  • Great post. Thanks, Wave! I agree with your comment re: the pic with the joints.

    Now on another note, where in the hell is your review of Bad Attitude by K.A. Mitchell?


    • I’ll be posting it tonight – I’m still reading the book for the second time before I write the review. I have an excuse for being late; I had 8 people for lunch on Thursday. 🙂

      I wonder if the cops were on the alert for people who helped themselves to drug paraphernalia? Lol

      • Eight for lunch? Sounds fancy, I hope it went well. I look forward to your review. I pre-ordered the book and I’m just hoping that wasn’t a mistake.

        As for the cop and the joints, I’m hoping they had their attention focused on more important things. 😎

        Night, Wave. 😉

        • So far, no reports of food poisoning. 😆

          I think you will like Bad Attitude. I do. And those sex scenes are scorching!!!

          • While I’m fascinated to know what Wave serves at a weekday luncheon, I’ll just be satisfied reading your review of Bad Attitude. 🙂

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