U[plifting Story: Marriage Equality – Fourth Grade Style

Tj sent me this letter before I left for New York over a week ago and I apologise for the delay in posting it. This letter shows that even very young children are aware of the impact of marriage equality. A  teacher posted the essay to Reddit, saying, “One of my 4th grade students chose gay marriage as his topic for a persuasive essay. This is the result. More sense than some adults.” The letter also appeared in Towelroad




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  • Hi Jss
    Tolerance is a paltry thing if that’s all we could hope for and enjoy.

    thanks for forwarding the article about the Texas teen – I, too, didn’t see it. I take my imaginary hat off to her.

  • Things like that and this story about a Texas teenager give me so much hope for our future! I love that Obama even pointed out, when talking about Jason Collins coming out, that “tolerance” is a paltry thing and we should aim for better. :bravo:

    Twenty years ago, we thought civil unions and tolerance were the best we could hope for. Today, we’re insisting on full equality and acceptance. Yeah, it really does get better! 🙂

    • ““tolerance” is a paltry thing”….hear, hear! Your remarks are very nicely put, jeayci, thank you. Thanks also for linking to the Texas story, I missed that one. :bravo:

  • I love it, specially the ‘just get over it’ part. Maybe it should become a new slogan for the GLBT community.
    I feel touched by it too. Yes, the future will be brighter in many ways.
    Thanks for sharing, Wave.

    • That’s a pretty smart kid and you’re right – the GBLT community should use ‘just get over it’ as a slogan. 😎

      So many other countries have approved of same sex marriage, even France and Britain, yett the US still lags behind. 🙁

  • First saw this on the Advocate’s web site and found it amazing (though not all that surprising) that a nine-year-old can have more sense than many adults. It has since apparently gone viral. Thanks for posting it. :thanks:

    • Hi Tom
      I still don’t get why people care that others want to get married. I love this little kid who is a lot more sensible than those adults who keep on protesting.

  • I know, it brought a lump to my throat when I first saw this letter. Letters like this makes me feel that the future will be a lot brighter.

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